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Promote Literacy and Raise Funds

Used Book Sale Fundraiser A used book sale is an excellent way to raise funds while recycling at the same time, and a good reason to dust off those old novels and to take advantage of the money they can make for your fundraiser. Depending on the size and scope of your sale, you may […]

Six Great Fundraising Ideas for 4-H Clubs

Here are six ideas for the next time your 4-H club does a fundraiser. Whether your club is located in a rural or urban location, they can all be modified to fit your needs. The first four ideas work best in conjunction with a community event, so you will need to do more coordination with […]

Top 10 Summer Fundraising Ideas

Looking for great ideas for hot summer fundraisers?  Here are our top 10 summer fundraising ideas: 1.  Car Wash This tried-and-true fundraiser is a natural choice for summer since groups of just about all sizes can run a profitable car wash. 2.  Barbecue Summer and hotdogs go hand in hand, and with hotdogs being one […]

Top 5 Church Fundraisers

Our top 5 picks for fun and successful church fundraising! Community Gatherings At the heart of most churches is a sense of community, family and friendship.  This can play a central role in your fundraising as well.  Choose activities and events that promote a sense of togetherness, such as picnics and barbecues, talent shows, bake […]

Top 5 Free Fundraising Resources

Free Online Fundraising Store There are a variety of free online fundraising programs out there, but this one offers one of the highest profit margins at a guaranteed 40% of all sales.  It’s free, and used by many high profile nonprofits like the Humane Society, WWF and others.  It’s easy to use, and excellent customer […]

Top 5 Holiday Fundraisers

It’s that time of year again!  Schools, churches, sports teams, charities and a variety of non-profit organizations are putting together their holiday fundraising campaigns.  In fact, some have even started rolling them out! To get you in the holiday fundraising spirit, here are USA Fundraising’s top 5 fundraisers for the holidays. Chocolate Of all the […]

Top Fundraising Ideas

See our all-time favorite fundraising ideas, from the best fundraiser products to wildly popular fundraising events.Are we missing your favorite idea? Send an email to ideas [at] FUNDRAISING IDEAS From Easter fundraiser products to group yard sales, check out our easy and fun Spring Fundraiser Ideas. SUMMER FUNDRAISING IDEAS Pool parties, barbeques, days in […]

Top Ongoing Fundraiser

Why Fundraise with Cookie Dough? There’s a reason why cookie dough is a choice fundraising idea among organizations. In fact, there are several. Just to name a few, the variety of flavors, the storage capabilities, the taste and the high profit rate. Imagine the selection of flavors you can make, bake, and serve as a […]

Top Spring Fundraisers

Spring is in the air!  Check out our top fundraisers for spring. Cookie Dough Cookie dough is one of those fundraisers that’s perfect no matter what the season.  It’s one of the fastest growing products in the industry, and with the new online fundraising option for cookie dough, it’s becoming even more popular among fundraising […]

Top Team Fundraising Idea

Popcorn Fundraiser, Perfect for Sports Teams Sporting events are community-oriented activities that cater to the mind, body, and spirit. Each season, leagues and teams get organized, get motivated and get active, but it’s no secret that rigorous fundraising must take place all year round in order to keep these programs running. Sporting events can also […]

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