5 Easy College Fundraising Solutions

5 Easy College Fundraising Solutions

College is one of the most important stages of our education years. During this period, being financially stable could become a constant concern for students. College Fundraising is nothing new for but once you need to do it things might seem difficult. To make it easier for you, we have gathered five ways you can raise funds for your college.

1. Community Funds

Many communities have funds for their youngsters. If you are thinking about college fundraising in your community then present your case in an impressive manner. Explain why you need their help and don’t forget to mention that once you graduate, you’ll work for the benefit of other members in the community. This will not only help in raising funds but it will show your dedication towards helping society.

2. Crowd Funding

Social media is an amazing tool for college fundraising. You can register your cause on go fund me and use social media platforms to ask for help to people in your circle. You can even ask them to share it with more people, so your circle expands.  Give a detailed account of your issues regarding college expenses and why should people contribute to your cause. To attract more people, use easy words, short and catchy sentences. Nevertheless, always show your commitment towards your education and mention how this will not only help you currently but will mold your future as well.

3. Part Time Jobs/ Donation Boxes

Look for part time jobs where you can work on weekends or in your free time. If you are good at writing, then there are several platforms where you can do content writing. Other than this, you can look around for jobs in restaurants, library, festivals, etc. Furthermore, with the permission of your employer, you can put a donation box (tip box) with a small description to let people know about your college fundraising.

4. Events

Sit with your peers and have brainstorm sessions regarding affordable college fundraising events in your community. Students can help you in this regard because they know how it feels when you have to worry about your finances during college. You can arrange sales, sports events, online gaming championships or even themed college dances with entrance fee.

5. Summer Workshops

Like summer camps, you can organize different summer workshops for kids or for adults. Have an entrance fee to cover your costs and help you in your college fundraiser. Summer workshops for kids can be a week or two weeks long classes where you can engage them in different activities like gardening, painting, coloring, decorating room or outdoor games. Similarly, for adults, you can have sessions regarding mind-relaxing exercises, physical activities or exercise time. You can always market this in an attractive manner because nowadays people who have desk jobs do not focus on physical activities or exercise, so you could give them a little motivation to start.

We’ll keep updating you with more tips regarding this.

Till then Happy College Fundraising!

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