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5 Reasons The Candy Bar Fundraiser Always Works

With all of the different options available for schools to raise money, the candy bar fundraiser remains one of the most popular. Usually sold for $1 – $2 a bar, this fundraiser has the ability to generate huge profits quickly and easily.

Here are five reasons the $1 candy bar fundraiser has withstood the test of time.

1. Chocolate is a Crowd Pleaser

Most people truly enjoy chocolate, and even if they don’t, they’re sure to know someone who does. Candy bar-sized chocolate is inexpensive and easy to carry. The small portion size appeals to children and adults alike. Chocolate can also be sold throughout the year, unlike seasonal items, and scheduling your fundraiser around certain holidays can actually increase your sales. Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Christmas are all holidays where it’s expected to give and receive chocolate. Since chocolate is a universal crowd pleaser throughout the year, your organization will never have to persuade potential sponsors to purchase something they might not want. From Chocolatiers $2 bars to the classic Nestle Chocolate fundraising bars, fundraising chocolate is something most people will go for.

2. There’s No Delay

Some people are hesitant to support fundraisers because they require payment in advance. Then they have to wait until the organization receives the shipment and delivers their purchases. The $1 candy bar fundraiser, however, offers immediate gratification. Since chocolate is easy for sellers to carry and transport, there’s no waiting involved for the sponsors.

3. Chocolate Bars Yield Great Profits

Chocolate bars are relatively inexpensive to buy, and organizations that sell them can yield huge profits. In some cases, groups can expect a 50% profit for every chocolate bar they sell. Candy bar sales are popular every year for their low maintenance and high profit margins. Few items are as easy to sell during a fundraiser as the $1 candy bar.

4. All Ages Can Participate

Chocolate appeals to every age, making it easy for students of all ages to sell chocolate bars. The low cost of each bar appeals to students from elementary school to high school, and parents can also help their children by selling the chocolate bars to their colleagues at work. Since chocolate bars are lightweight, even young children can sell them throughout the day without assistance.

5. Chocolate is Inexpensive and Practical

Whereas some fundraisers enable students to raise money because the items are expensive, chocolate fundraisers rely on their inexpensive costs to generate profits. Sponsors feel like they’re helping an organization without stretching their wallets, and generous sponsors are likely to purchase several chocolate bars at a time to share with their families and colleagues. The low cost will keep sponsors supporting your organization’s fundraising efforts year after year.

How To Get Started:

There are 3 ways to get your candy bar fundraiser started:

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