7 Steps to Run Your Fundraiser like a Business

7 Steps to Run Your Fundraiser like a Business

It doesn’t matter if you are managing a fundraiser or a business; you have to do it like a professional if you want to have good results. Unfortunately, not many people know how to deal with fundraising and how to organize it, so don’t make the mistake to jump straight into it. You need to think seriously about fundraising ideas to find the best option for your group to earn money.

If you feel ready to start a fundraising campaign, make sure you understand you have to run it like a business and respect the basics.

Here are the seven steps that will help you have a successful fundraiser:

1. Do some research

It is important to be passionate and to believe in your fundraising idea, but without looking at possibilities, you simply can’t know the probabilities of success. Every business needs intensive research before investing money in it, and it is the same with the fundraising process. Moreover, make sure the program you choose is the right fit for your area. For example, some fundraisers are more successful in certain areas because people are more familiar with that particular product.

2. Find something that people need

In order to be successful, no matter if we are talking about a business or a fundraising campaign, you need to find exactly what people need or want. If you manage to give people a product they need, or they always wanted, it will make your fundraiser run much more smoothly. The point is to offer something that benefits people so they can give their support in return.

3. Develop a strategy

As every business has a plan, you need to have your own strategy for your fundraising campaign. It will be much simpler than a business plan, but it will help you to see how exactly you will raise the money, and also how much money you can raise. In brief, this plan will help you succeed in your mission, so make sure you allow enough time to create this strategy.

4. Respect the legal requirements

There are many rules for non-profit organizations regarding fundraising campaigns, so make sure you respect all the legal requirements. 39 states and the District of Columbia have legal rules that require a nonprofit fundraiser and professional fundraising organizations to register with the state prior to the nonprofit fundraiser taking place. You can find these and other specifics by searching on the web. It is not enough to have a great fundraising idea, but you also have to make sure you don’t break the law.

5. Save all the records and try to predict the risks

When applicable, a good record is necessary because it will help you predict and avoid risks. Additionally, it will also help auditors to easily access and find the declarations and dealings of your organization. You need to keep declarations and all records of dealings for 6 years at least in case of an audit. These records should give a clear link between the donations, donor and declaration. Make sure you update the record regularly, so you can apply safe procedures, and be insured.

6. Aim High

You need to understand that the process of fundraising is complex and sophisticated, so make sure you have a goal that is high enough yet achievable. A strong goal can be a strong motivator for your group. If you want to earn money, you cannot do it without a goal, so make sure it is specific and that everyone stands behind it.

7. Create a board

It is a great idea to have a board for your fundraising campaign. It will make sure the campaign happens in the most efficient way. It will also let you see everything from a more general way so you avoid confusions. Find the right people, and start earning money from your fundraising ideas.

Also, don’t forget there are many types of fundraisers, nonprofits, and business, so check where exactly are you standing. If you have more questions about how to make your fundraising ideas happen, visit

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