A Clearly Perfect Fundraiser? Exactly.

A Clearly Perfect Fundraiser? Exactly.

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What do families, soccer moms, sports teams, grandparents, business people, gardeners, pizza delivery guys and pretty much everyone else have in common?

One thing is that each of their car floor inevitably gets dirty and worn out by the daily onslaught of dirt, dust, mud, asphalt, salt and pretty much whatever else nature has to throw at it.

Now there’s a way to help fix that problem and simultaneously raise significant funds for your organization.

If you’ve ever seen a car floor that looks like the owner hasn’t cleaned it in months, or even years (you have, haven’t you), it’s most likely not because the owner doesn’t want a clean vehicle, but rather because they don’t know of a way to effortlessly keep the grunge away without changing the look of their interior.

But now there’s a way to protect vehicle floors from that relentless attack and make a lot of patrons very happy with a fundraising product that will clearly…even perfectly…solve the dirty floor problem.

ExactMats™ is the original, clear, perfect-fitting protective car mat. Since 1997 ExactMats have been nearly invisibly covering the floors and cargo areas of cars, trucks and SUVs with rugged protection you can count on.

Unlike heavy rubber mats that take over the look of your vehicle, every set of ExactMats is made of clear virgin vinyl, perfectly matched in size and shape to fit each vehicle’s make, model and year.  So you see the carpeted floor right through it, but the carpet stays clean!

ExactMats offer a great fundraising opportunity, because each patron receives something he or she genuinely needs, which will last for years, and is made specifically for his or her vehicle.

ExactMats make a great stand-alone fundraiser, and they’re also a natural add-on for car washes.  If you’re looking for something unique, with a product that has a twenty-year track record of success, you should explore ExactMats for your next fundraiser and create some buzz in your community.  A clearly perfect idea?  Exactly.

To learn more about this fundraiser click here or dial 1.888.395.6004



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