Achieve Success with Fun Fundraising Activities

Achieve Success with Fun Fundraising Activities

Fundraising activities are a great way to add a little extra fun to your campaign.  Use your imagination and these helpful tips to plan fun and successful fundraising activities for your group.

Undeniably fun
Definitely a good idea
Really, really easy
Superbly satisfying
Not at all boring
Great idea!!!

Boy, that was fun!  And a really simple activity to do with your group members!  Activities like this are a great way to kickoff your fundraising campaign and get everyone in the fundraising mood.

For a really exciting fundraiser kickoff, hold a prize drawing and have your group members submit works of art inspired by the spirit of fundraising.  For smaller projects like drawings and poems, you can put everyone’s submission into a big box and pull out the winner.  For bigger projects like sculptures, models or paintings, number the pieces, and put corresponding numbers in a hat.  Draw a number, match it to the artwork, and the owner wins!

Bottom line?  Have fun with your fundraiser, and be creative in coming up with fundraising activities for your group.  Your activities don’t have to cost anything, and they can be a great way to motivate your group, educate them about fundraising, and even inspire and encourage young minds.

Best of luck & happy fundraising!

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