Affordable & Fun Fundraising Ideas

Affordable & Fun Fundraising Ideas

Does the state of the economy mean fun fundraisers have to give up their love of creativity and fun events?  We say no way!

Fundraising doesn’t have to lose its flair.  In fact, trying times are an opportunity for fundraisers to get even more creative.

Many people today are looking for affordable ‘luxury items’ and local entertainment in order to save some cash.  That’s where you come in to save the day, and reach your fundraising goals!

What to Do:

Look for fun fundraising ideas that combine affordability and indulgence – products or events that are all about fun, but at a cost people can afford.  You’ll find many people are thrilled to have something fun and affordable available to them.

Need inspiration?  Check out the ideas below, or read this article on coming up with creative fundraising ideas.

Affordably Fun Fundraising Ideas:

Community Art Auctions

Seek to partner with artistic groups in your community – painters, folk artists, quilting bees, photography clubs, etc.  You arrange the auction as an outlet for the artists to showcase their work.  In exchange, split the profits from sales, or charge an artists’ fee for entering the auction.

For information on organization an auction, check out this article on

Charity Auctions

 Dances- Fun Fundraising Ideas

Back in high school, I was president of our graduating class’s Prom Committee.  We were tasked with raising a large amount of funds, but had a small budget to work with.  Our target supporters were high school students and members of a small suburban community – two groups that did not have a lot of disposable income.

The solution?  We hosted four school dances throughout the year.  We had them on school grounds, arranged for volunteers to chaperone and sold refreshments that we purchased in bulk.  We sold tickets for just $5 each.

Our biggest hit was the “First Annual Mr. LTM Contest and Dance” (“LTM” are the initials of the school).  It was a fun event that had a big build-up, and that everyone talked about for weeks afterwards.  Ten years later, the school still holds the event every year, and it is still a big money-maker.

If you have the facilities to hold a low-cost dance, try to think of fun and unique themes that will make them extra special, without increasing costs.

 Chocolate- Fun Fundraising Ideas

Almost every group has a candy bar fundraiser at some point in their fundraising lifetime.  Why?  Because they work!

You buy chocolate from a fundraising company at a low, bulk-purchase cost.  You then sell them to supporters for a very affordable price.  The end result?  Big profits and a smile on everyone’s face as they enjoy their delicious chocolate treat.

If you’re interested in running a chocolate fundraiser, check out these:

Chocolate Products for Fundraising

 Magazines Online

One of our favorite fundraisers is the Online Magazine Fundraiser from eFundraising.

It is absolutely, 100% free for fundraising groups, and offers your supporters a chance to buy themselves a treat, or a gift for someone special at a discounted price.

You get set up online, send emails to group members inviting them to participate, and then your group sends emails to friends and family inviting them to shop at your store.  Supporters shop for their favorite new or renewal magazine subscriptions, they save up to 85%, and your group gets 40% of all sales from your store.  It’s win-win!

If you’re interested in running an Online Magazine Fundraiser, check out eFundraising>>

 Picnics and Lunches- Fun Fundraising Ideas

These are always fun community affairs.  Try to give yours a bit of flair by adding a theme.

For example, my church holds an annual Strawberry Social every summer.  Strawberries are in season at the time, so they’re delicious and low cost.  Church members make their favorite strawberry treats and bring them to the event.

Tickets to the event are $10 for adults, $5 for children under 10, and a family of four (two adults, two children) can attend for just $25.

The event costs almost nothing for the church to host, but the profits can’t be beat.  As a bonus, the event has become the community’s official summer kick-off.  Everyone has a great time, and attendance seems to grow year after year.

If you are interested in hosting a picnic or lunch, check out this article on church and community fundraisers for ideas>>

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