Amber Alert Fundraiser

Amber Alert Fundraiser

It’s something that we don’t want to think of. It’s something we all say will never happen. But it’s a fact: there are around 700,000 children, who are abducted, are abandoned, run away, or get lost each year.

It takes a minimum of 2 hours for law enforcement to get the information they need to launch a search for a reported abduction. In most non-family abductions, a child is murdered within 3 hours* of the time of abduction.

Let’s not take any chances. created a Child ID Kit software fundraiser to help parents store and update their child’s most important information should there be an emergency.

In a time of stress, this helps transfer information from stressed parent to police. The time saved could mean your child’s life. This kit is small enough to carry with you at all times, can hold hundreds of digital images, and is password protected.

So how can this amazing Child ID Kit be used as a fundraiser? Simple, just email Amber Alert letting them know you would like to start a fundraiser. will then contact you with a Promotional Code as well as to discuss marketing materials and any questions you might have.

Then, just start promoting!!! Give potential supporters your Online Store Promotional Code to buy the kit. You then receive monthly profit payments for a portion of every purchase made using your code.

The Amber Alert Fundraiser is a great tool for parents to protect their children and raise funds at the same time!

Happy Amber Alert Fundraising!

*OJJDP 2006 Missing Children Homicide Investigation.

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