Top 4 Fundraisers for Church Youth Groups

Top 4 Fundraisers for Church Youth Groups

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Church youth group organizers arrange youth mission trips, excursions, camps, and other fun activities. Fundraising can help pay for the activities that help your youth stay engaged with their church. If you’re stuck for inspiration, discover these four effective youth group fundraisers.

Sell The Lord’s Prayer Tumblers

Your congregation can take the words of The Lord’s Prayer wherever they go with The Lord’s Prayer travel tumblers. These blue tumblers feature a cross and the words of The Lord’s Prayer. These dishwasher-safe, BPA-free tumblers are sturdy and useful. Their drink-through lid also helps reduce spills.

Fundraise With Scratchcards

Scratchcards might not sound like a proper fundraiser for a church group, but with fundraising scratchcards, the only entity winning big is your organization. Supporters scratch off a panel or two, and the card shows how much to donate. These amounts range between $1 and $5, so they won’t dent your congregation’s finances.

In exchange for their support, donors receive a coupon card with discounts at popular retailers and services. Since donors get so much back for a relatively small amount, scratchcards are popular church fundraisers. has a range of religious-themed scratchcard designs, or you can personalize your design with images of your church or youth group members.

Make Customized T-Shirts

Customized T-shirts make a specialized promotional fundraiser, since you’re offering a product your congregation can’t get anywhere else. Print shirts with clever slogans, such as “The best vitamin for a Christian is B1,” to make the most of your fundraising campaign.

Sell Candles for Prayer

Many Christians light candles while they pray since candlelight can symbolize God’s presence. A candle drive can make sense for a church youth group fundraiser. Sell candles with appealing scents, such as honey pear or juicy peach and bring the light with a delicious scent!

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