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Katydids Make Great Easter Fundraisers

Katydids Make Great Easter Fundraisers

If  you like chocolate you’ve probably heard of Katydids. Combining chocolate, pecans, and caramel, this wildly popular treat is a guaranteed hit around the holidays, and an easy sell for your Easter fundraiser. At we have a large supply of katydids and these sweet delights are an easy sell for your Easter fundraiser.

Katydids are one of Kathryn Beich’s most well known products, and we have them in boxes and tins. The boxes retail for $12, but when you order a case from us you get 24 boxes at $7.20 each for a total of $172.80. At that price, you earn a 40 per cent profit margin.

The tins sell for $14 each, and you get 12 of them in a case. We sell them at the low wholesale price of $8.40 each, and that adds up to $100.80 per case so, once again, you can enjoy a 40 per cent profit margin with your Katydids fundraiser. But whether you choose tins or boxes, orders must be a minimum of 1 case, and delivery time is 7 business days.

As a fundraiser, Katydids practically sell themselves because few people can resist these chocolaty temptations. Just send your kids to school with order forms and have them ask their teachers and classmates if they’d like to buy them. On the other hand, you can also accompany them as they go door-to-door and take orders from your neighbours. Since they’re so well known already, and are especially popular around Easter, Katydids make for a great fundraising idea during this holiday season. Try them again around Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving too!

Placing an order is simple; just click hereThe only hard part about a Katydids fundraiser is going to be not eating them all yourself!

How to Successfully Fundraise in the Digital Era

How to Successfully Fundraise in the Digital Era

Using technology allows you to reach farther than you ever could before in your fundraising efforts. The Internet lets you tap into a worldwide community by sharing your fundraiser on social networks, blogs, forums, or via email. Here are some fundraising ideas for using digital technology to raise money.

Social Media Fundraising

Using social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, is a great way to tap into your extended network for fundraising. You can create an event detailing your fundraiser on a site like Facebook and invite users to attend. Once they click “Going,” they will be notified of the upcoming event the day of. Guests will have all the necessary info, like the time of the event, the location, and what the funds are needed for available directly to them online. It’s a great way to get the word out and make sure people remember when and where the event takes place.

Invite as many people as you can to join in the fundraiser. Encouraging people who join to invite new members will make your fundraiser grow more and more.

Email Fundraising

Like with social media, emailing can help you fundraise, but only if you have a lot of friends’ email addresses. Encourage your friends to send the email on chain letter style even if they’re not able to give to your fundraiser. offers eye-catching integrated emails that will get your friends interested in donating.

Make it Interactive

Most people surfing the web, and most people in general, are looking for something more exciting than just donating and moving on. Try to think of ways to turn fundraising into a game. Raffles, challenges, and prizes are all more stimulating than straight donations. Maybe one of your digital fundraisers will go viral like the Ice Bucket Challenge! On, supporters can buy products like magazines and people who help you raise money earn fun prizes.

Fundraising Websites

Hosting your fundraiser on a professional website like makes it easy to fundraise online. Participants can just click and buy products, earning you the profit. There’s no need to give out your personal information, like an address to send checks, so it’s very secure. They even offer traditional fundraising programs through their website.

For more awesome fundraising ideas, request a Free Fundraising Guide

4 Great Fundraisers for Cheerleading Teams

4 Great Fundraisers for Cheerleading Teams

Looking to raise some money for your cheerleading squad? There are tons of popular fundraising options out there to have cheerleaders cartwheeling their way to success. Here are a few fundraising ideas for inspired cheerleaders out there.

Cheerleading/Athletic Contest

Putting on a show is a great way to bring people together. If your cheerleaders get permission to use the school field, they can arrange an athletic event like a powder-puff football game, cheerleading competition, or talent show. Charge admission and sell snacks at the event to fundraise. Football players and other students can join in, too!

Restaurant Fundraiser

Set up a fundraiser night with a local restaurant in order to take in some of the profits. It’s a good deal for the eateries that want to bring in more customers. They’re basically paying you for advertising them. Make fundraiser night an event by cheering on diners as they eat or hosting performances if the restaurant has a stage.

Car Wash

A good summer fundraiser, the car wash has little to no upfront costs so you can make good profits. Still, try to make it cheaper than the local professional car wash. Talented cheerleaders can put on a routine to attract drivers from the street. Use signs to let them know what team and school you’re raising money for.

Local Sponsorship

Getting a local business to back your cheerleading team can be very profitable. This type of sports fundraiser is normally used for college level teams, but cheerleaders can take advantage of it, too. This fundraiser works best if you already know a business owner and have a plan for showing off their sponsorship. Offer to put the business logo on uniforms, paperwork, signs, and things you hand out at games. Make it worth their while!

3 Ways to Help Your Team Raise Funds

3 Ways to Help Your Team Raise Funds

When coaching a team, it is important to be able to help the kids plan sports fundraisers for things like jerseys or trips. The most popular school fundraisers are bake sales and car washes, and while those ideas are tried and true, why not come up with some fresh fundraising ideas to intrigue and attract a crowd to your next event?

Set Up a Booth

Get all of your athletes together and set up a booth at a local event like a sports game or festival. Sell team-spirited items like t-shirts, hats, or water bottles. These items will not only make you money for your fundraiser, but they get the word out about your team. Take advantage of the attention and advertise upcoming games and events at your booth!

Sell Candy Grams

During school events, like parent-teacher conferences or school concerts, set up a table and have the athletes sell candy grams. Candy grams are little messages attached to a piece of candy. Parents, teachers, and friends can buy candy grams and include a message to send to a student. The student will later receive it as a surprise in class!

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

With the advent of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, getting the word out about your fundraising efforts has never been easier! You can even create an online fundraiser for free to share across social media platforms and have people support your team. Or, take an interactive approach, and record your team practicing, having fun, or performing a choreographed dance to a popular song and post it to social media with a caption addressing the financial needs of your team. Who knows? It could be the next viral video of the moment and result in donations pouring in from all over!