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All You Magazine Fundraiser

All You Magazine Fundraiser

All You magazine has exploded in popularity thanks to the combination of an economic crisis, coupon websites, and shows like Extreme Couponing. All You magazine can only be bought at Walmart or online.

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Groups and savings websites all over the country have caught on to the fact that eFundraising offers the best prices on over 600 magazines, including All You magazine at just $20 for 15 issues. That’s just $1.33 for every issue of All You, stocked with coupons and easy tips on saving money – at Walmart, the magazine sells for $2.50. And it gets better: a 24 issue subscription costs $30 or just $1.25 per issue.

Whether raising money for disaster relief, sports teams, or schools, the popularity of All You magazine has groups flocking to eFundraising to start their own online fundraiser. Even though there are over 600 magazines on the online fundraising store, we are seeing dozens of groups posting about their All You fundraiser, because the coupons and deals are so useful.

Along with All You, there are over 600 other magazines at discounted prices. Everything is there – People, Time, The Economist, Sports Illustrated, Newsweek, Better Homes and Gardens, Southern Living, Parenting, Redbook, InStyle … pretty much any magazine you can think of.

The online magazine fundraiser can be started by any group that needs to raise money for a cause.

Don’t miss out on the popularity of extreme couponing – start your free online fundraiser with All You magazine and more.

Take Advantage of the Savings Craze With Your Own Online Fundraising Store

Take Advantage of the Savings Craze With Your Own Online Fundraising Store

 Create a fundraising flyer

How Your Group Can Earn Money With Magazine Fundraising While Your Supporters Save

Do you buy magazines at checkout? Subscribe to one or more of your favorites?

Nearly every American reads magazines. That’s why magazine fundraisers are at the top of the list of fundraiser best sellers, along with the classic candy bar fundraiser.

But did you know your group can have their own free, personalized online fundraising store, with over 650 different magazines – everything from Sports Illustrated to People magazine? And your supporters save money, since the fundraising store gives super special rates.

Most recently, with the show Extreme Couponing, and coupon websites popping up left and right, All You magazine has been selling like crazy.

All You is available only at Walmart for $2.50, but through the magazine fundraising store, it’s $1 or less per issue (15 issues for $15 or 30 issues for $25). Even the coupon sites are telling all their readers about this deal, while raising money for local food banks and other organizations.

There are plenty of combo offers too. With the example of All You, you can double up with Cooking Light and get 12 issues of each for $24 – again, just $1 per magazine. And for the sports fan, Sports Illustrated magazine is LESS than $1 per issue.

With your group’s online fundraising store, you can also sell ecertificates, cookie dough, and other top fundraising products.

So if you aren’t taking advantage of the coupon craze, start your store for free now, and invite your friends and family to save money on their favorite magazines while your group gets their support.

It’s free and as easy to set up as Facebook. Set up your group’s free online fundraiser now and start earning on the savings.

5 Reasons Why Cookie Dough is the Fastest Growing School Fundraising Product

5 Reasons Why Cookie Dough is the Fastest Growing School Fundraising Product

Tray of Chocolate Chip Cookies1. No Risk!

Cookie dough fundraising through facilitators like often have no-risk or low-risk methods of bringing the dream of your cookie dough fundraiser to life. There is no payment up front, and no investment to be made outside of your supporters and team members’ responsibility to turn in the payment for their own purchases. You will only be invoiced for what you order, when you order, and only when you’re ready to order!

2. Free Shipping!

Can you imagine how much it would cost to deliver, for example, 20 cases of cookie dough? For 120 boxes (at 6 per case) the delivery fees would border on over $100 just to mail it to a commercial address, if not for the benefit of free shipping policies. As an example, will offer free shipping for 20 cases or more. The best part is that it’s only $4.50 for each case you’re short, in the off chance that 20 is too many… yet another reason cookie dough is a fast growing fundraising opportunity among schools—Schools rarely order fewer than 20 cases. In some schools, 20 cases isn’t even enough for one classroom! A free shipping policy is always one worth taking advantage of and this is trending with many schools today.

3. Up to 55% profit

Cookie dough has a very high profit return among schools for a few key reasons. For one, schools have children and children love cookies! The profit generates itself with that kind of demand. What’s more, the low priced bulk ordering and free shipping services jump start the revenue potentials right from the beginning.

4. Choice and Variety!

Popular cookie dough brands that cater to the Fundraising business, like Otis Spunkmeyer, give their clients the choice and selection to suit the needs of parents, supporters, groups, teams and students with a specific preference for their palate! You might even have the option of pre-portioned ones, meaning they’re oven-ready. If that kind of convenience is what you’re looking for, you won’t need a cookie cutter… not even a spoon! The choice is yours.

5. Getting started is FREE

Most fundraising businesses will give you the ease of addressing all of your inquiries with one telephone call. One call to 1-866-891-0053 will yield free cookie dough fundraising brochures and kits that can be distributed to dozens, even hundreds of members within your campaign. If you don’t end up doing the fundraiser, just send the brochures back.

How to start:

Get your free cookie dough fundraiser brochures by calling 1-866-891-0053.

The Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants

The Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants

Check out Sandy Rees’ Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants, a round-up of interesting posts written by nonprofit bloggers.

She picks up some great articles in her Carnival.

My favorite article this week, “How Poor Service Destroys Your Reputation,” from Jeff Brooks. Your organization can be well known, and your brand strong, but your name can be mud to your donors. How can this happen?

Definitely worth reading …


How To Fundraise

How To Fundraise

5 Fundraising Ideas
for Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime!

Fundraising isn’t limited to small businesses, charities, and non profit organizations. You can fundraise, whether you’re a parent, student or a child with a dream!

There are tons of smaller fundraising ideas out there that people can implement on an ongoing basis and at their convenience. Here are five easy ways to fundraise that anyone can do!

Bottle Return

Did you drink a soda? You’re sitting on the elementary principle of fundraising. If you take your empty can back to the store, you just might be holding proceeds of five cents, in some places. Double your profits by returning a beer bottle instead! You can also help the environment while raising funds by staging a neighborhood cleanup and recycling any refund applicable items that you collect.

Yard Sale

There’s an old saying that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” and since treasure has value, a yard or moving sale is an opportunity to take advantage of. The untapped gold mine of your own household items might be a fortune waiting to be cashed in on. Take the time to use and identify the resources around you! Spring is around the corner and what better way to clean house than turn clutter to coin!


Products aren’t the only potential cash cow, services have value too! From walking your neighbors dogs’ to neighborhood odd jobs such as raking leaves or washing cars, your skills can generate income from your supporters.

You have talents; put them to use by publishing them. All you need is a body of work that you find worth selling, and the people to sell it to. Whether it’s a cartoon drawing, a novel, a recipe collection or specialized information to distribute, it’s at your disposal to use. If you don’t have your own word processor utilize your local library’s computer and while you are there check out what other fundraising resources they may have. If you are stuck on how to approach potential supporters with your product you can always couple this idea with the yard sale fundraiser and set up a table specifically for your self-published work.

Fundraising has been a prosperous and practical thing for ambitious and motivated people for centuries. Just ask the little guy at his lemonade stand!

Pink Glove Dance: A Fun Way to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

Pink Glove Dance: A Fun Way to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

Employees of the Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland OR are raising awareness for breast cancer through their Pink Glove Dance video on YouTube.

You may have seen this undeniably fun employee-made YouTube video catching a fire on Facebook or Twitter over the past few weeks.

The Pink Glove Dance video made by employees at the Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland OR. The video was made to generate awareness within their own medical center, but has rapidly spread across the internet, with over 2.3 million views on (not counting people who have reposted the video).

The Pink Glove Dance is an example of a simple, fun idea that catches on fast. This is important to remember in fundraising too – fun and focused can often get you there fastest!

Has your organization created any fun videos, whether for fundraising, team spirit, or community awareness?

How Our School Did a Food Fundraising Auction

How Our School Did a Food Fundraising Auction

Pasta fundraiser
A USA Fundraising reader tells us how their school put their own twist on a school auction – and had their most successful fundraising auction to date!

Our school’s “Tasty, Delicious Chinese Auction” Fundraiser was our most successful auction yet. The novelty of standard Chinese Auctions wore off when many of our generous donors of gift certificates, 50/50 prizes and table items for auction grew scarce. Fundraisers subsidize our class trips, graduation dances and other needed resources. Our think tank Fundraising Committee was charged with the job of arranging new and different ways to raise funds. Borrowing from ideas of our previous annual Chinese Auctions, we tested a new path to fundraising success.

Foodies and Fun Equal A Successful Food Auction

The nice thing about our Tasty, Delicious Chinese Auction was that children, parents and whole community were intrigued and eager to be part of this unusual idea. Some of our organizers collected discount coupons from local restaurants and fast food emporiums for dinners for two and a whole family. There were also vouchers for free pizzas at a local pizzeria and a complete Chinese family dinner at a nearby Chinese Restaurant. These items were used as door prizes. The first-prize winner would get cooking lessons with a major chef.

Set The Tables Like They Are Groaning Boards

Three long cafeteria tables were loaded with items like cookie dough cakes, hand-turned chocolate in whimsical dishes from the local Chocolatier, bags of popcorn and cotton candy secured with balloons and necklaces with strings of lollipops for the kiddies. A second table was filled with cooking items like various types of kitchen gadgets, bouquets of fresh herbs, large beer steins loaded with sticks of beef jerky, pretzels and cellophane-wrapped cheese sticks. On the third table, there was a T-shirt “tree” created from a 36-inch cardboard pole from an empty gift wrap paper tube. Chop sticks pushed through the pole formed hangers from which t-shirts were suspended. To this table was also added hand-sewn aprons, pairs of baking mitts, tea towels and even a chefs cap.

The Most Popular “Take Home” Food Table

Two round tables were set aside as featured “take home” food tables. The committee appropriated aluminum containers from local takeout restaurants to fill with homemade chile, Boston baked beans, cole slaw, Buffalo wings and finger sandwiches. Not to be outdone by this, desserts were added to the second round table to display homemade cakes, pies, cookies and sweet quick breads like maple walnut, banana coconut and strawberry kiwi wrapped in cellophane and tied with pretty bows.

Doors Open Promptly And Fun Begins

Each item was numbered as regular Chinese Auctions. Patrons purchased a number of tickets in duplicate, holding onto one and depositing the other in a small container in front of items for each drawing to determine winners.

Food and meal fundraisers always draws people out, because everybody has to eat, and most people end up spending money on fast solutions from time to time. A food fundraising auction gives busy people the option of buying home-cooked meals instead of fast food, and to buy something in support of their favorite organization that will definitely, definitely be used!

The Benefits of a Beef Jerky Fundraiser

The Benefits of a Beef Jerky Fundraiser

The Benefits of a Beef Jerky Fundraiser

There are a few reasons why Beef jerky makes for an excellent fundraising product for your fundraising group.

The dry meat product we know of as ‘jerky’ is actually a very nutrient-dense and exceptionally stable food that has been around for decades. When you think about it, it’s incredible that a piece of meat can be such a unique treat. It lasts a long time and still manages to retain such exceptional amounts of nutrients and flavor when in ‘jerky’ form.

With beef jerky, you get quality, nutrition and pure beef and meat products, pre-seasoned to perfection. What’s more, is that this is an easy snack that is high in protein. People are always looking to have nutritious treats and meal alternatives at their disposal. That is why it’s all the better that you can store these jerky snacks for up to 9 months at room temperature, with this kind of convenience a snack couldn’t be more accessible.

Fundraising programs are available that offer multiple beef snacks and jerky to choose from, with low prices, low minimum orders, and a high profit rate. Low carb, high protein foods are hard to come by, so the dietary benefit is something worth taking advantage of.

Beef Jerky’s mineral content, like iron and zinc, help regulate your immune system, and will improve your concentration with an energy boost. You couldn’t ask for a better alternative to a sugary snack, which makes it a perfect fundraising choice.

Don’t forget that these products always come individually wrapped for freshness, and serve as a convenient and satisfying treat for the large demographic of busy people on-the-go.

For more information on beef jerky fundraisers, you can call 1-866-891-0053 and/or request a free fundraising kit.



Group of happy running kids
Learn more about Greenpeace’s mission, what you can do help protect the environment and slow global warming, and how you can support Greenpeace.

From time to time, USA Fundraising puts the spotlight on a charity whose work we admire.  This month we chose Greenpeace, as we are all concerned about the future of our planet, our children and our children’s children.


“Greenpeace exists because this earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs action.”

We couldn’t agree more – our earth deserves a voice.  We have so many concerns these days such as climate change, destructive fishing, the depletion of our forests, nuclear weapons, hazardous chemicals and more.

What can we do to save our planet from these urgent and serious problems?  It has to start with ourselves.  We have to be responsible and change the way we do things in our day-to-day lives.

Here are a few ideas we can start with:

– Take a shower instead of a bath:  Showers take up four times less energy.

– Make sure you recycle:  This can save 2 400 pounds of carbon dioxide a year.

– Try car-pooling or telecommuting.

– Plant a tree:  One tree absorbs one ton of carbon dioxide over its lifetime.

– Buy locally grown and produced foods:  This will help save fuel.

For more ideas on how you can make a difference, check out these 50 tips.

On top of making important changes in your daily routine, you can also help by supporting Greenpeace.  Greenpeace is globally campaigning to help change attitudes and behaviours for energy revolution, to defend oceans, protect forests, work for disarmament and peace, create toxic free futures, support sustainable agriculture and more.

Find out how to support Greenpeace by visiting