6 Ways to Avoid Fundraiser Burnout

6 Ways to Avoid Fundraiser Burnout

There are two types of fundraiser burnout: the burnout you and your group feel during a fundraiser, and the burnout both group members and supporters feel when there are just too many fundraisers going on.

Today, let’s look at the first – fighting the burnout you and group feel during a fundraiser.

We’ve all been there.  It’s midway through the fundraiser when suddenly everyone’s motivation plunges down to record lows.  It’s not good for morale, and it certainly isn’t good for your bottom line.  So what do you do?

Here are six ways you can use to Avoid Fundraiser Burnout:

1. Keep it Short- Avoid Fundraiser Burnout

Two weeks is the recommended duration for most fundraisers.  It’s short enough to avoid burnout, but long enough to include two weekends of prime selling time.

Whether you’re selling raffle tickets, taking cookie dough orders, or collecting donations, keep it short.

What About Ongoing Fundraisers?

Break up your selling time into short bursts.  For example, if your school is selling lollipops year round, make them available on Fridays only, or shorten your selling time to only half an hour during lunch time.

2. Stay Energized- Avoid Fundraiser Burnout

You set the tone for your fundraiser.  If you’re not bursting with energy, it’s unlikely your group will be.

Remember that your energy level directly affects your group’s.  If you can keep yourself energized, it’ll be easier to get them on board too.

3. Keep Your Eye on the Prize

Many people find visualization to be one of the strongest tools for success.  You have a goal to reach.  Visualize this goal daily, and use it as a driving force to keep you motivated.

If you have a prize program or other type of incentive for group members, they also have a goal: to reach those rewards.  Keep their eye on the prize too and they’ll stay motivated.

4. Use Positive Reinforcement- Avoid Fundraiser Burnout

Positive words get positive results.  Negative words… well, you get the idea.  When we’re busy, frustrated or overworked, we often forget the power of a positive outlook.

Remind yourself to say at least one positive thing each time you meet with your group, or to send words of encouragement by email each day.  Not only will you get a mood boost, your group will feel it too.

5. Kick Up Your Kick Off- Avoid Fundraiser Burnout

A good fundraiser starts strong.  Kick start your fundraiser with a high energy kick off that sets a strong tone for your fundraiser.

Use music, motivational speeches, games, incentive prizes and other encouraging tools to get your group excited.  Starting off on the right foot will help your fundraiser stay strong through the finish line.

6. Choose a Product That’s Easy to Sell

It’s fun to get creative and try new things when fundraising.  In fact, trying new things can almost be a point on its own, as this is a great way to keep your group interested.

More important, however, is to choose products that are actually easy to sell so that your group members won’t be easily discouraged.  Think to yourself, “Would I buy this?  Would my neighbors buy it?  Can most people afford it?”  If you can answer “yes” to these questions, you’ve got yourself a good product.

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