Are You Ready for Back to School Fundraising?

Are You Ready for Back to School Fundraising?

A well planned fundraiser is a successful fundraiser.  Get prepared for the back to school fundraising season with these pre-planning tips.

I know what you’re thinking – “Back to school already?  But it’s only May!”  True, but now that this school year is winding down, it’s the perfect time to review your fundraising successes, and start thinking about next year’s game plan.

There are 3 simple things you can do right now that will make your back to school fundraising season much easier:

#1 – Review the Past Year

Go back to the start of the school year.  What was your original fundraising goal?  Did you reach it?  What steps did you take for back to school fundraising?  How many fundraisers did you run, at what time during the year, what kind of fundraisers were they, and which ones were most successful?

Now take that information and make a list of your fundraising strengths and weaknesses throughout the year.  Where did you excel, and what worked best?  Where could you use some improvement or extra help?

#2 – Estimate Next Year’s Goal

To estimate next year’s fundraising goal, consider your spending in the past year.  Can anything be cut back?  Is there anything you’d like to add next year?  Also consider your fundraising goal for the last school year.  Was it enough to cover all your spending?  Did you over or under estimate, or were you right on the money (No pun intended, of course!)?

Take all these factors into account, and you’ll be able to make an informed estimate of next year’s school fundraising goal.

#3 – Call a Professional- Back to School Fundraising

Did you know that you can call a fundraising company months before you’re planning your next fundraiser?  Now is the perfect time to do this!

Gather all your notes from #1 and #2 and call your fundraising company.  If you had any fundraisers in the past year that were unsuccessful, ask for their thoughts.  Maybe there’s a better program for your needs, or a better time of year to run that program.

Review your estimated fundraising goal for next year, and ask about programs that have worked in past for similar school groups with similar goals.

Finally, ask about early registration bonuses, or discounts on pre-ordered products, and be sure to have them send you their product catalog by mail.

A little pre-planning can go a long way.  Take these 3 simple steps back to school fundraising, and when it comes time to plan your back to school fundraising calendar, you’ll already be ahead of the game.  If your school or school group has already planned next year’s calendar (Wow!  You’re really on top of things!), take these 3 steps anyway.  You just might find a better way of doing things, and still have plenty of time to implement your exciting new ideas!

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