Benefits of Beef Jerky Fundraiser

Benefits of Beef Jerky Fundraiser

The Benefits of Beef Jerky Fundraiser

There are few reasons why Beef jerky makes for an excellent fundraising product for your fundraising group.

The dry meat product we know of as ‘jerky’ is actually a very nutrient-dense and exceptionally stable food that has been around for decades. When you think about it, it’s incredible that a piece of meat can be such a unique treat. It lasts a long time and still manages to retain such exceptional amounts of nutrients and flavor when in ‘jerky’ form.

With beef jerky, you get quality, nutrition and pure beef and meat products, pre-seasoned to perfection. What’s more, beef jerky is a very high source of protein and makes a great snack. People are always looking to have nutritious treats and meal alternatives at their disposal. That is why it’s all the better that you can store these jerky snacks for up to 9 months at room temperature, with this kind of convenience a snack couldn’t be more accessible.

Fundraising programs are available that offer multiple beef snacks and jerky to choose from, with low prices, low minimum orders, and a high profit rate. Low carb, high protein foods are hard to come by, so the dietary benefit is something worth taking advantage of.

Beef Jerky’s mineral content, like iron and zinc, help regulate your immune system, and will improve your concentration with an energy boost. You couldn’t ask for a better alternative to a sugary snack, which makes it a perfect fundraising choice.

Don’t forget that these products always come individually wrapped for freshness, and serve as a convenient and satisfying treat for the large demographic of busy people on-the-go.

For more information on beef jerky fundraisers, you can call 1-866-891-0053 and/or request a free fundraising kit.

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