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4 Best Fundraising Ideas for Preschool

4 Best Fundraising Ideas for Preschool

Preschool is the best school stage to start fundraising, it teaches young students the value of service and it’s one of their first teamwork experiences. All you need is a healthy dose of supervision and support from the parents.  If you are looking for some fundraising ideas for your preschool students then you’re in the right place. These will help you get funding for field trips, school supplies, and new fun playground equipment. So let’s stop the chit chat and go to our list of fundraising ideas for preschool:

Plant Garden- Young students have an impressive innate curiosity and can learn very quickly, especially when it’s about nature. Learning how to grow plants and vegetables would leave the amazed. It will also teach them to be aware and take of the environment from very little. Apart from all this, you can raise funds by selling some of the plants and vegetables to their parents and the community. They will be very happy that people value their creations. Plant A Garden is one of our favorite fundraising ideas for all these amazing benefits.

Movie Night- Choose between the limitless options of kids’ movies that have been created and organize a movie night with all the kids and their parents. Use an auditorium and make it comfortable. Before the movie starts, sell some snacks and raise some funds! It’s a simple idea but very entertaining.

Arts and Crafts!- It’s time to get creative! All preschoolers have an innate talent, for either drawing, building or crafts. Take advantage of it and make an exposition where every kid can show his or her masterpiece. Invite parents and community members and ask them for donations or sell them the pieces of art. Who wouldn’t like to take a drawing from the next ‘Picasso’? Uncover all these hidden talents and start fundraising.

Plan a Potluck– A fun community event that everyone loves being part of. Ask the parents of your preschool class to cook their favorite dish and bring it. You can do this via email and online signup or with notes. You can even set a theme, for example, italian food and parents bring pizza, pasta, lasagna, etc… Invite older kids, other teachers or people from the community and charge them a cheap fee for entrance. In the end, they will have full bellies and you a full pocket ;)!

All these great fundraising ideas for preschool can be implemented quickly, so start ASAP. Remember to keep things simple and let the kids have a fun experience for their first fundraiser.

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