3 Best Lollipop Fundraising Ideas

3 Best Lollipop Fundraising Ideas

Looking for unique lollipop fundraising ideas that will make your candy fundraiser stand out from the crowd?  Look no further than these great tips!

A lollipop fundraiser is great because the candy is usually low cost, with a high profit margin, they’re easy to sell, there’s no pre-selling so it’s a no-fuss, one-step process, and lollipops are such a yummy treat!  But there’s only so much you can do with lollipops, right???  Wrong!  The magic of these fundraising wonders is that there’s no end to the creativity they inspire!

Here are 3 of our favorite lollipop fundraising ideas:

Lollipop Surprise!

All you need are lollipops, a piece of Styrofoam, and a marker.  Use the marker to color the bottoms of just a few lollipop sticks.  Stand all your lollipops up in the piece of Styrofoam by pushing the sticks through the foam.  Be sure the colored bottoms on your ‘Surprise Lollipops’ are well hidden by the foam.  When a customer buys a lollipop, they select one from the foam display.  If they pull out a colored stick, they win a treat!

The treats you give are up to you, and will depend on your budget, but a free lollipop is something everyone will love!

For an environmentally friendly option, have an adult volunteer create your display out of a spare piece of wood by drilling holes that will fit the lollipop sticks.  Just make sure the wood is well sanded to prevent splinters.  The best part?  You can reuse the display again and again for future lollipop fundraisers!

Guess the color!- Lollipop Fundraising ideas

Get a large, empty cardboard box and make a hole in the top just big enough for someone to put their arm in.  Fill it with lollipops and seal it up (don’t seal up the hole!).  Have your group members decorate the box with bright colors, and put your group name and logo on it.  Set up your lollipop fundraising sale and have people reach in and guess the color they’ve chosen before they pull it out.  If they guess right, they get it free!

If you’d rather people pay upfront, offer a second free lollipop if they purchase a first one and guess the correct color.

Location, location, location!

You can be creative about where you sell your lollipops too!  If you’re fundraising around school, try setting up a booth outside the library (to keep books from getting sticky, only sell to students coming out of the library, not going in), or have group members go around at sporting events selling lollipops to spectators.  Just be sure the team isn’t also having a fundraising sale at the same time, and that your group members sell in pairs, and don’t leave the area where you can see them.

Another option is to ask local businesses to keep a bucket of lollipops at their front desk or main cashier’s station.  Put a clearly marked sign on the bucket saying how much they are, and people can just put their change right in the bucket as they select their lollipop!  Ask doctor’s offices, local grocery stores, hair salons, and cafes – anywhere people might be tempted by a tasty treat!

There are so many great games, contests and unique ideas that you can use to make your lollipop fundraising loads of fun and extra special.  And it’s not just for lollipops either!  Use your imagination and creativity for any fundraising sale, and it’s sure to be a hit.  If you’re stuck for ideas, and you’re working with children, just ask the kids for ideas!  They love being part of the decision making, and you’ll be surprised at how unique and innovative kids can be!

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