Chocolate Easter Bunny Fundraisers

Chocolate Easter Bunny Fundraisers

Many families will soon be stocking up on treats to fill up Easter baskets. Make the task easier with a Chocolate Easter Bunny fundraisers.

Easter will be here before you know it! Chocolate Easter fundraisers are always a big hit, especially a chocolate Easter bunny that parents can put in their children’s Easter baskets.

Chocolate Easter Bunny fundraisers are a popular spring fundraising option for schools, churches, and clubs.

World’s Finest Chocolate Easter Bunny

Everyone knows the World’s Finest brand, but did you know that World’s Finest Chocolate has a delicious chocolate Easter Bunny fundraising product?

The Chocolate Bunny can be sold using brochures, where every group member can take orders first, or your group can order a case of bunnies for each member to sell directly.

Like most Easter bunny fundraisers, each bunny sells for $5. An easy and fast fundraiser for the spring season – but call quickly as these bunnies always go fast!

For information about the Chocolate Bunny fundraiser, call the eFundraising customer service line at 1-866-891-0053, or request a free product fundraising guide.

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