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Top 4 Fundraisers for Church Youth Groups

Top 4 Fundraisers for Church Youth Groups

Church youth group organizers arrange youth mission trips, excursions, camps, and other fun activities. Fundraising can help pay for the activities that help your youth stay engaged with their church. If you’re stuck for inspiration, discover these four effective youth group fundraisers.

Sell The Lord’s Prayer Tumblers

Your congregation can take the words of The Lord’s Prayer wherever they go with The Lord’s Prayer travel tumblers. These blue tumblers feature a cross and the words of The Lord’s Prayer. These dishwasher-safe, BPA-free tumblers are sturdy and useful. Their drink-through lid also helps reduce spills.

Fundraise With Scratchcards

Scratchcards might not sound like a proper fundraiser for a church group, but with fundraising scratchcards, the only entity winning big is your organization. Supporters scratch off a panel or two, and the card shows how much to donate. These amounts range between $1 and $5, so they won’t dent your congregation’s finances.

In exchange for their support, donors receive a coupon card with discounts at popular retailers and services. Since donors get so much back for a relatively small amount, scratchcards are popular church fundraisers. has a range of religious-themed scratchcard designs, or you can personalize your design with images of your church or youth group members.

Make Customized T-Shirts

Customized T-shirts make a specialized promotional fundraiser, since you’re offering a product your congregation can’t get anywhere else. Print shirts with clever slogans, such as “The best vitamin for a Christian is B1,” to make the most of your fundraising campaign.

Sell Candles for Prayer

Many Christians light candles while they pray since candlelight can symbolize God’s presence. A candle drive can make sense for a church youth group fundraiser. Sell candles with appealing scents, such as honey pear or juicy peach and bring the light with a delicious scent!

Easy Money-Saver Fundraising Ideas

Easy Money-Saver Fundraising Ideas

Everyone likes to save money if they can, what about a fundraiser that does just that? Money saver fundraisers are an easy sell because of the passes and coupons that can benefit them. Here are some money-saving items you can use for your next fundraiser.

National Savings Pass

The National Savings Pass provides hefty discounts at a wide range of retailers, restaurants, and venues. With this pass your supporters can save up to 40% at places like Disneyland Resort, Sears, Chilly’s, Papa John’s, Sam’s Club, and many more. With such a wide range of places where these passes are valid, your supporters can be sure to find a good use for them.

Save Around

Save Around coupon books come packed with thousands of dollars in savings. They’ve partnered with over 15,000 different companies and organizations so, similar to the National Savings Pass, your supporters will find something useful. The coupon books are specific to each state, so be sure to order the right ones for your location. The Save Around coupon books are a great choice for schools, churches, and community groups. At a 50% profit margin, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Restaurant Gift Cards

What would you do with a $100 gift card redeemable at your favorite restaurant? Give your supporters the option to dine for less with a gift card. You sell the cards for $20, and your supporters get $100 to spend at a restaurant of their choice.

Money savers practically sell themselves so get out there and meet your supporters. Happy fundraising!

Healthy Profits with Sensational Seasonings™

Healthy Profits with Sensational Seasonings™

There are a lot of products to raise funds, but few produce healthy profits and health benefits too. In 2017 a new option exists for groups to earn up to 55% profit while promoting family values and healthier dietary habits.   That option is Sensational Seasonings™.

When it comes to eating habits, families too often eat out or grab take-out from the drive-thru. Those fast food habits cost us money that we don’t need to spend. Cooking and eating at home is a habit that we all crave. So what’s stopping us?

The ‘What I cook is boring ‘ reason . . . Boring is easy to overcome with versatile Sensational Seasonings™ in your pantry.   Using these really tasty seasoning blends, the most boring vegetable or meat choice becomes a savory new favorite. Top your dish with some grated cheese or some breadcrumbs – and you’ll be surprised at how easy and tasty it can be, and at how much your family will love it.

The I don’t know what spices to use’ reason . . . Ok, cooking with a cabinet full of spices and herbs is a hit-or-miss experiment.   Using the same selection of Sensational Seasonings™, that have already been expertly blended, produces dependable and almost fool-proof great flavor.

Now there’s also an extra benefit that is a hidden secret . . . Over 90% of us eat too much salt. Sensational Seasonings™, can help with that too, these seasonings are either completely salt-free or low sodium, per 2016 U.S. FDA guidelines.

This choice is easy! With up to 55% profit margins and the satisfaction that your fundraiser supports a healthier community, you and your supporters will be happy to start your healthy fundraiser today, click here or call 423-967-4101.

Fundraising Ideas for March

Fundraising Ideas for March

If you’re going to be fundraising in March but need some fresh ideas, you could consider throwing a fundraiser based on one of the many specially-themed days of the month. There’s no shortage of quirky, cool, and fun days to take advantage of in your fundraising efforts, so here are a handful fundraising ideas for March.

Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month, so what better way to promote and celebrate the enduring strength of women by organizing a women’s history fundraiser? You could have a books sale with books about women’s issues and feminism, show a documentary on an important female historical figure, or offer a lecture on women’s history.

Credit Education Month

March is also Credit Education Month in the US, and this theme also lends itself to many fundraising ideas. Organize a financial literacy seminar and charge a small admission fee. In the seminar you could talk about things like how to manage a budget, how to use credit cards, how to check your credit score, and how to save for retirement. You could also tell your guests about what tools they can use to help with personal finance management, and where to find them.

Crafts Month

March is also Crafts Month, and it should be immediately obvious how to turn this one into a fundraiser! Simply hold a crafts sale at a local market or a church and sell, sell, sell. This can be a fun option if anyone on your fundraising team is creative and has a knack for working with their hands. Try to focus on low cost items that everyone needs in the house like picture frames, candle holders, and artwork.

World Book Day

March 2 is World Book Day, and you can easily turn this into a fundraising occasion by organizing a used book drive. Pool together as many old books as you can and sell them for a few bucks each. Lots of people have old books collecting dust, so it should be easy to get them. Then all you need is to find a venue to sell them, and get the word out about your book drive fundraiser. This can also serve as an opportunity to promote literacy in your local community.

World Poetry Day

March 21 is World Poetry Day, and there are a couple ways that you can turn this into a fundraiser. The first way is by organizing a book sale like we described for World Book Day, only with this one you would focus specifically on poetry books. Another idea is to stage a poetry night at a local cafe or bookstore. Charge a small admission fee, and maybe also sell drinks to raise a little more cash.

These are just five fundraising ideas for the month of March, but you can find more ideas by month online. Maybe there’s another month that interest you as a fundraising occasion. The possibilities are endless.


4 Veterans Day Fundraisers

4 Veterans Day Fundraisers

November 11 is Veterans Day. It’s when we pay respect to the veterans who gave so much to protect our country and the things we stand for. It’s also an important occasion because we need to remember our history and try to prevent repeating the mistakes of the past.
It’s another occasion where you can launch a new fundraising campaign. Here are four Veterans Day Fundraising ideas.

Patriotic Merchandise
Remembering our veterans and what they went through can inspire patriotism in just about anyone. Why not let people wear the love they feel for their country, and the admiration they have for their veterans, with patriotic merchandise? American flag tumblers are one product you can sell leading up to November 11 that can fit the bill. You can also get customized tumblers with your own design, so you can create something to promote our veterans and their dedication to our country. Customized caps, shirts, and sweaters, are also a good choice.

Military Books

Books can be a hit with people who have a military background, and with people who just have an interest in military history. Veterans Day can be a great opportunity to sell books on war history, but be sure to tell your supporters that all the sales are going towards the cause.

War Movie Night

There’s no shortage of war movies to choose from, and a lot of them are famous Academy Award winners. Have a war movie screening night, and charge a small cover fee. You can also have a concession stand selling popcorn and drinks for a little extra revenue. Be sure to choose a popular film that honors and respects the memory of the veterans who served in past wars, not one with a heavy political message.

War History Tours
If your city has a lot of war memorials and museums, you could offer to take people on historical tours. This is an especially great idea if your city has historical sites with military significance, like maybe an old fort or an armoury. History buffs love these sorts of things, and Veterans Day is the perfect occasion to do this as a fundraiser.

War is terrible, but it’s important that we remember and pay our respects where due. On Veterans Day, give homage to the ones who lost their lives and give people a way to show their respect as well with one of these fundraisers.

How to Successfully Fundraise in the Digital Era

How to Successfully Fundraise in the Digital Era

Using technology allows you to reach farther than you ever could before in your fundraising efforts. The Internet lets you tap into a worldwide community by sharing your fundraiser on social networks, blogs, forums, or via email. Here are some fundraising ideas for using digital technology to raise money.

Social Media Fundraising

Using social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, is a great way to tap into your extended network for fundraising. You can create an event detailing your fundraiser on a site like Facebook and invite users to attend. Once they click “Going,” they will be notified of the upcoming event the day of. Guests will have all the necessary info, like the time of the event, the location, and what the funds are needed for available directly to them online. It’s a great way to get the word out and make sure people remember when and where the event takes place.

Invite as many people as you can to join in the fundraiser. Encouraging people who join to invite new members will make your fundraiser grow more and more.

Email Fundraising

Like with social media, emailing can help you fundraise, but only if you have a lot of friends’ email addresses. Encourage your friends to send the email on chain letter style even if they’re not able to give to your fundraiser. offers eye-catching integrated emails that will get your friends interested in donating.

Make it Interactive

Most people surfing the web, and most people in general, are looking for something more exciting than just donating and moving on. Try to think of ways to turn fundraising into a game. Raffles, challenges, and prizes are all more stimulating than straight donations. Maybe one of your digital fundraisers will go viral like the Ice Bucket Challenge! On, supporters can buy products like magazines and people who help you raise money earn fun prizes.

Fundraising Websites

Hosting your fundraiser on a professional website like makes it easy to fundraise online. Participants can just click and buy products, earning you the profit. There’s no need to give out your personal information, like an address to send checks, so it’s very secure. They even offer traditional fundraising programs through their website.

For more awesome fundraising ideas, request a Free Fundraising Guide

3 Ways to Help Your Team Raise Funds

3 Ways to Help Your Team Raise Funds

When coaching a team, it is important to be able to help the kids plan sports fundraisers for things like jerseys or trips. The most popular school fundraisers are bake sales and car washes, and while those ideas are tried and true, why not come up with some fresh fundraising ideas to intrigue and attract a crowd to your next event?

Set Up a Booth

Get all of your athletes together and set up a booth at a local event like a sports game or festival. Sell team-spirited items like t-shirts, hats, or water bottles. These items will not only make you money for your fundraiser, but they get the word out about your team. Take advantage of the attention and advertise upcoming games and events at your booth!

Sell Candy Grams

During school events, like parent-teacher conferences or school concerts, set up a table and have the athletes sell candy grams. Candy grams are little messages attached to a piece of candy. Parents, teachers, and friends can buy candy grams and include a message to send to a student. The student will later receive it as a surprise in class!

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

With the advent of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, getting the word out about your fundraising efforts has never been easier! You can even create an online fundraiser for free to share across social media platforms and have people support your team. Or, take an interactive approach, and record your team practicing, having fun, or performing a choreographed dance to a popular song and post it to social media with a caption addressing the financial needs of your team. Who knows? It could be the next viral video of the moment and result in donations pouring in from all over!

4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Your Next Fundraiser

4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Your Next Fundraiser

common mistakes in setting goals (too many, too big, not specific, not written) - concept presented with sticky notes and white chalk handwriting on blackboard

Have you ever been in charge of a fundraiser that fizzled? Has your organization’s fundraising efforts fallen short of its goals? Unfortunately, this can happen with school and team fundraisers, but you can learn from the mistakes of others. If you’re brainstorming future fundraising ideas, beware of these common pitfalls.

Bad Timing

Selling products, such as holiday wreaths or discount coupons for theme parks and attractions, is a great way to make money for your organization, especially if you offer those products when they’re most likely to be used. Plan your campaigns so that products get delivered in time for the season, but not so early that the items themselves are not relevant at that particular point in time.

Poor Profit Margins

Unless you know you can sell many items, you might face challenges making money with products that offer less than 30 or 40 percent profit back to your organization. Look for higher profit margins to get the most from your fundraiser. Fundraisers like the Entertainment App comes with a 50% profit and Scratchcards can give you up to 90% profit.

Large Upfront Investment

Sometimes, small team fundraisers start with an upfront investment in product that the club may or may not be able to move, especially if the product hasn’t been sold before. If you want to keep a safe approach stick with order-takers, especially for smaller clubs.

Poor Value Proposition

Many people will pay a little more for products sold as fundraisers, because they understand they are supporting an organization they care about. However, getting people to buy items, even as fundraisers, that don’t show value can be challenging. Consider the people in the communities and neighborhoods you will be selling to and try to choose fundraising items that would be valuable to them. Listen to your customers! If you keep these four fundraising mistakes in mind when choosing your next idea, then you’ll have a higher chance of success. For more fundraising ideas, request a free fundraising guide.

4 Awesome DIY Fundraising Ideas

4 Awesome DIY Fundraising Ideas


Fundraising ideas can come in all shapes and forms including the DIY variety. These DIY fundraisers that we’re about to tell you about are easy to set up and don’t cost too much money or require a lot of equipment. If you’re looking to set up a fundraiser all by yourself, we’ve got you covered with these four awesome ideas.

Curiosity Costs

This DIY fundraising idea is so simple you won’t believe that you didn’t think of it yourself. Find a bar or restaurant that will let you use it for a day or two, and put up signs above the TVs and tables that say “Y.C.J.C.Y.1.D.”. Eventually people will come around asking what the signs mean, and you’ll tell them that if they want to know it will cost a dollar. Once they pay, just hand them a slip of paper that says “your curiosity just cost you one dollar.” They might feel a little silly, but this is a deceptively clever way to raise money.

Weight Loss Challenge

Here’s another easy fundraising idea. Have people weigh in on the first day and give them a set amount of time to loss a predetermined number of pounds. On the final day you do another weigh in and the participants have to pay a certain amount for every pound they lost. Alternatively, you can have them look for sponsors willing to donate money to support them in their weight loss goal. The only thing you need for this is a scale to weigh your participants!

Text Donations Campaign

You’ve probably received random text messages on your smart phone before asking for donations. Well, why not do the same with a text message donations campaign?  Setting up an SMS donations drive is pretty easy and can be done for minimal cost.

Pumpkin Chucking

This is a great DIY fundraising idea for the Fall season. You’ll need to either build or rent a catapult from somewhere, but the general idea is you have people pay a fee to load their pumpkins into the device and launch them through the air. You’ll need to stage this event at a large outdoor area like a park because you’ll need a lot of space for the pumpkins to land. The same thing could be done with watermelons in the summer! This fundraising idea that is sure to be a good time for everyone.

Have you ever done a DIY fundraiser before? What did you do and how did you organize it? Tell us about it in the comments!

5 Team Fundraisers that Show Your True Colors

5 Team Fundraisers that Show Your True Colors

Fundraising for sports teams
Check out these easy team fundraisers for sports!

At USA Fundraising, we often talk about dressing for success – wearing your group’s uniform, colors or clothing featuring a group logo when fundraising.  This bit of advice is especially true for sports teams.

But it doesn’t have to stop at a uniform.  You can also dress up your fundraising products in your team’s colors and logo!

Here are a few of our favorite team fundraisers that can be customized for your team:


This low cost fundraiser is easy to sell and often referred to as a “spirit” item because it promotes team spirit.  You can get them in a variety of colors and color combinations, and have your team name printed or embossed on the bands.

Check out Wristbands-Depot >>

Flip Flops

Another “spirit” item, flip flops are a favorite at high schools and colleges all across the country.  You can have them customized with your team colors, name and logo, and sell them at a low cost around your team’s school or community for some very nice profits.

Check out ePromos custom flip flops >>


The Online Magazine Fundraiser

A picture says a thousand words, and this online fundraiser lets you create a fundraising webpage complete with a team colors, your team’s story and a team photo!

It’s a free, family-friendly fundraiser run entirely online.  That means, no door-to-door, no collecting and counting cash, and no product to store or deliver.

Check out the Online Magazine Fundraiser >>


Scratchcards are low cost, easy to handle and can really rake in the dollars at up to 90% profit.  They can also be customized with a team logo and message, and are available in a variety of sports designs including baseball, football, soccer, softball and many, many more..

Check out Scratchcards >>