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Easy Money-Saver Fundraising Ideas

Easy Money-Saver Fundraising Ideas

Everyone likes to save money if they can, what about a fundraiser that does just that? Money saver fundraisers are an easy sell because of the passes and coupons that can benefit them. Here are some money-saving items you can use for your next fundraiser.

National Savings Pass

The National Savings Pass provides hefty discounts at a wide range of retailers, restaurants, and venues. With this pass your supporters can save up to 40% at places like Disneyland Resort, Sears, Chilly’s, Papa John’s, Sam’s Club, and many more. With such a wide range of places where these passes are valid, your supporters can be sure to find a good use for them.

Save Around

Save Around coupon books come packed with thousands of dollars in savings. They’ve partnered with over 15,000 different companies and organizations so, similar to the National Savings Pass, your supporters will find something useful. The coupon books are specific to each state, so be sure to order the right ones for your location. The Save Around coupon books are a great choice for schools, churches, and community groups. At a 50% profit margin, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Restaurant Gift Cards

What would you do with a $100 gift card redeemable at your favorite restaurant? Give your supporters the option to dine for less with a gift card. You sell the cards for $20, and your supporters get $100 to spend at a restaurant of their choice.

Money savers practically sell themselves so get out there and meet your supporters. Happy fundraising!

How to Successfully Fundraise in the Digital Era

How to Successfully Fundraise in the Digital Era

Using technology allows you to reach farther than you ever could before in your fundraising efforts. The Internet lets you tap into a worldwide community by sharing your fundraiser on social networks, blogs, forums, or via email. Here are some fundraising ideas for using digital technology to raise money.

Social Media Fundraising

Using social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, is a great way to tap into your extended network for fundraising. You can create an event detailing your fundraiser on a site like Facebook and invite users to attend. Once they click “Going,” they will be notified of the upcoming event the day of. Guests will have all the necessary info, like the time of the event, the location, and what the funds are needed for available directly to them online. It’s a great way to get the word out and make sure people remember when and where the event takes place.

Invite as many people as you can to join in the fundraiser. Encouraging people who join to invite new members will make your fundraiser grow more and more.

Email Fundraising

Like with social media, emailing can help you fundraise, but only if you have a lot of friends’ email addresses. Encourage your friends to send the email on chain letter style even if they’re not able to give to your fundraiser. offers eye-catching integrated emails that will get your friends interested in donating.

Make it Interactive

Most people surfing the web, and most people in general, are looking for something more exciting than just donating and moving on. Try to think of ways to turn fundraising into a game. Raffles, challenges, and prizes are all more stimulating than straight donations. Maybe one of your digital fundraisers will go viral like the Ice Bucket Challenge! On, supporters can buy products like magazines and people who help you raise money earn fun prizes.

Fundraising Websites

Hosting your fundraiser on a professional website like makes it easy to fundraise online. Participants can just click and buy products, earning you the profit. There’s no need to give out your personal information, like an address to send checks, so it’s very secure. They even offer traditional fundraising programs through their website.

For more awesome fundraising ideas, request a Free Fundraising Guide

New Restaurant Gift Card Fundraiser Helps Supporters Save Money

New Restaurant Gift Card Fundraiser Helps Supporters Save Money gift card - usa fundraising - Grilled vegetables and steak with salt on white table
Unique new fundraiser from helps your supporters save money.

In these trying times, we all want to save money. Our favorite new fundraiser, the Gift Card fundraiser, lets your supporters save money, giving them the chance to stretch their dollars while dining at local restaurants.

The new fundraiser is very simple: a gift card that your supporters can use to go on, where they can redeem $50 worth of gift certificates from over 10,000 restaurants.

How Do Supporters Save Money?

Supporters buy the fundraiser gift card for $20, and they get $50 of gift certificates on! That means your supporters get two and a half times their money at the restaurant of their choice!

How Does It Work?

Your school, organization, or team orders cards for each person participating in the fundraiser to sell.

 You can start with as little as 10 cards (easy when each person should be able to sell at least 5 cards).

No Risk

If your group orders too many cards, you can even return the extras, as long as the cards are not damaged.

How to Get Started

To order cards or to get information to review with your group, call eFundraising toll-free at 1-866-891-0053.

5 Team Fundraisers that Show Your True Colors

5 Team Fundraisers that Show Your True Colors

Fundraising for sports teams
Check out these easy team fundraisers for sports!

At USA Fundraising, we often talk about dressing for success – wearing your group’s uniform, colors or clothing featuring a group logo when fundraising.  This bit of advice is especially true for sports teams.

But it doesn’t have to stop at a uniform.  You can also dress up your fundraising products in your team’s colors and logo!

Here are a few of our favorite team fundraisers that can be customized for your team:


This low cost fundraiser is easy to sell and often referred to as a “spirit” item because it promotes team spirit.  You can get them in a variety of colors and color combinations, and have your team name printed or embossed on the bands.

Check out Wristbands-Depot >>

Flip Flops

Another “spirit” item, flip flops are a favorite at high schools and colleges all across the country.  You can have them customized with your team colors, name and logo, and sell them at a low cost around your team’s school or community for some very nice profits.

Check out ePromos custom flip flops >>


The Online Magazine Fundraiser

A picture says a thousand words, and this online fundraiser lets you create a fundraising webpage complete with a team colors, your team’s story and a team photo!

It’s a free, family-friendly fundraiser run entirely online.  That means, no door-to-door, no collecting and counting cash, and no product to store or deliver.

Check out the Online Magazine Fundraiser >>


Scratchcards are low cost, easy to handle and can really rake in the dollars at up to 90% profit.  They can also be customized with a team logo and message, and are available in a variety of sports designs including baseball, football, soccer, softball and many, many more..

Check out Scratchcards >>

Unique Ideas for Church Fundraising

Unique Ideas for Church Fundraising

unique church fundraising ideas
Here are some unique church fundraising ideas which will allow you to preach God’s word and fundraise at the same time!

Looking for some unique church fundraising ideas? Believe it or not, we’ve got a few that will get your congregation really anxious to start fundraising!

How about a fundraiser that will help your church raise funds, and at the same time you will be able to pass on God’s message to people? Pretty neat, hun? Well you can do so with a t-shirt fundraiser. The average t-shirt is read around 3000 times before it’s thrown out; imagine how many people you can reach. There are t-shirts such as: Abreadcrumb & Fish, Isaiah 40:31, God’s Property, Thy Will be Done..and you can even personalize the t-shirt with your own church’s message. Check it out at

Cookie Dough
What about a cookie dough fundraiser? It’s always great to have your fellow brothers and sisters pass by, you always want to stay close with those who share your beliefs. Not prepared for their surprise visit? No problem, you can just get some frozen cookie dough out of the freezer and in minutes serve some freshly baked cookies. These are great to serve after your bible studies, for your church bake sales, or just whenever you would like some great cookies to give you energy to do God’s will. Come on..try’ll remember us!

Pumpkins & Prayer Rocks
We found some other great church fundraising ideas at  Of all the ones mentioned, these were our personal favorites:  Grow some  pumpkins in time for Halloween or Thanksgiving and sell them to your community members. We all use pumpkins at these times of the year!!! And the last one for today…prayer rocks! Get some children from your church to help a farmer pick up the stones before he seeds his field. Then, the children can paint the stones and glue prayers or scriptures on them. These prayer rocks can then in turn be sold to raise money for your church.

Happy Church Fundraising 🙂

All You Magazine Fundraiser

All You Magazine Fundraiser

All You magazine has exploded in popularity thanks to the combination of an economic crisis, coupon websites, and shows like Extreme Couponing. All You magazine can only be bought at Walmart or online.

** Click here to start your own online fundraiser at eFundraisingOnline with All You and over 600 other magazines.**

Groups and savings websites all over the country have caught on to the fact that eFundraising offers the best prices on over 600 magazines, including All You magazine at just $20 for 15 issues. That’s just $1.33 for every issue of All You, stocked with coupons and easy tips on saving money – at Walmart, the magazine sells for $2.50. And it gets better: a 24 issue subscription costs $30 or just $1.25 per issue.

Whether raising money for disaster relief, sports teams, or schools, the popularity of All You magazine has groups flocking to eFundraising to start their own online fundraiser. Even though there are over 600 magazines on the online fundraising store, we are seeing dozens of groups posting about their All You fundraiser, because the coupons and deals are so useful.

Along with All You, there are over 600 other magazines at discounted prices. Everything is there – People, Time, The Economist, Sports Illustrated, Newsweek, Better Homes and Gardens, Southern Living, Parenting, Redbook, InStyle … pretty much any magazine you can think of.

The online magazine fundraiser can be started by any group that needs to raise money for a cause.

Don’t miss out on the popularity of extreme couponing – start your free online fundraiser with All You magazine and more.

5 Reasons Why Cookie Dough is the Fastest Growing School Fundraising Product

5 Reasons Why Cookie Dough is the Fastest Growing School Fundraising Product

Tray of Chocolate Chip Cookies1. No Risk!

Cookie dough fundraising through facilitators like often have no-risk or low-risk methods of bringing the dream of your cookie dough fundraiser to life. There is no payment up front, and no investment to be made outside of your supporters and team members’ responsibility to turn in the payment for their own purchases. You will only be invoiced for what you order, when you order, and only when you’re ready to order!

2. Free Shipping!

Can you imagine how much it would cost to deliver, for example, 20 cases of cookie dough? For 120 boxes (at 6 per case) the delivery fees would border on over $100 just to mail it to a commercial address, if not for the benefit of free shipping policies. As an example, will offer free shipping for 20 cases or more. The best part is that it’s only $4.50 for each case you’re short, in the off chance that 20 is too many… yet another reason cookie dough is a fast growing fundraising opportunity among schools—Schools rarely order fewer than 20 cases. In some schools, 20 cases isn’t even enough for one classroom! A free shipping policy is always one worth taking advantage of and this is trending with many schools today.

3. Up to 55% profit

Cookie dough has a very high profit return among schools for a few key reasons. For one, schools have children and children love cookies! The profit generates itself with that kind of demand. What’s more, the low priced bulk ordering and free shipping services jump start the revenue potentials right from the beginning.

4. Choice and Variety!

Popular cookie dough brands that cater to the Fundraising business, like Otis Spunkmeyer, give their clients the choice and selection to suit the needs of parents, supporters, groups, teams and students with a specific preference for their palate! You might even have the option of pre-portioned ones, meaning they’re oven-ready. If that kind of convenience is what you’re looking for, you won’t need a cookie cutter… not even a spoon! The choice is yours.

5. Getting started is FREE

Most fundraising businesses will give you the ease of addressing all of your inquiries with one telephone call. One call to 1-866-891-0053 will yield free cookie dough fundraising brochures and kits that can be distributed to dozens, even hundreds of members within your campaign. If you don’t end up doing the fundraiser, just send the brochures back.

How to start:

Get your free cookie dough fundraiser brochures by calling 1-866-891-0053.

The Scratchcard Fundraiser Gets Personal

The Scratchcard Fundraiser Gets Personal

The Scratchcard fundraiser has long been a popular alternative to product-based fundraising. Scratchcards are a tool to collect donations and thank the supporter with good coupons. See how your group can now personalize this fundraiser for top results.

The Personalized Scratchcard Fundraiser

Since the launch of the personalized Scratchcard fundraiser earlier this year, Scratchcard fever is in the air! Kids and adults alike are motivated by seeing their team or group’s own picture on the front of the card, and the fundraiser can be done faster than ever because you can get a 30-dot card instead of a 60-dot card, so you only need 30 scratches to finish a card and raise $100.

How it Works

To get the info you need for this fundraiser, call eFundraising at 1-866-891-0053 and they will let you know how many cards to order to meet your group’s goals. If you need to show the idea to your group, they will send you info sheets or a fundraising info guide that shows how the program works. You can also simply request the free fundraising product guide online.

When your group is ready to get going on this easy fundraising idea, the tough part is picking a picture and message you all agree on! Then you just send the pic to eFundraising and your card will be on the way.

Once you get your cards, everyone in your group just asks friends and family to scratch off as many dots as they want. The supporter donates the amount they uncover, and get a coupon sheet with coupons for Pizza Hut, A&W, Jiffy Lube etc.

Three easy ways to get started:

1. Call 1-866-891-0053 to get info mailed or emailed to you
2. Get a free fundraising guide mailed to you by requesting it online
3. Read more about the Scratchcard fundraiser

Bed Stuy’s Project Re-Generation uses the Scratchcard fundraiser in their goal to raise over $10,000 to get kids to see the world outside their neighborhood. Check out their YouTube video!

Top Ongoing Fundraiser

Top Ongoing Fundraiser cookie dough fundraiser
Why Fundraise with Cookie Dough?

There’s a reason why cookie dough is a choice fundraising idea among organizations. In fact, there are several. Just to name a few, the variety of flavors, the storage capabilities, the taste and the high profit rate.

Imagine the selection of flavors you can make, bake, and serve as a tasteful and tasty investment for your team. Containers of proportioned cookie dough mix will usually yield enough for several servings, but tend to come in compact sizes for efficiency and distribution’s sake. This kind of convenience is unrivalled!

Some online fundraising services, like, will even sort bulk cookie dough orders for schools by the student, and for your convenience, they’ll deliver quantities of almost any size within two weeks. Cookie dough fundraising is an excellent concept for larger sized groups such as schools, because every step from baking to eating them is a fun which is why it is a popular fundraiser for families and children’s classrooms to participate in.

Fundraising consultants are always there for you and to help you get started they will be happy to send a free information kit your way with all of the cookie dough fundraising details enclosed.

This is a tried and true fundraising opportunity for you. Cookie dough is risk free; a proven and popular method to the success of charities and profit making projects. See if cookie dough might be the product for you!

What is Online Fundraising?

What is Online Fundraising?

Close-up of businesswoman's hand
Have you been hearing the buzz about online fundraising, but you’re not quite sure what it is, or how to use it?  Get the scoop and find out if it’s right for you and your group.

Everybody is familiar with traditional fundraising.  I remember being in elementary school and looking at all the neat toys and gadgets I could get as prizes by selling a certain amount of products from a catalog.  Times have changed, and fundraising has evolved.  Now, groups have the opportunity to do traditional fundraising campaigns and combine this with online fundraising campaigns.  So, what is online fundraising?  Why are large non-profit corporations and major politicians using it?  How can it affect your fundraising strategies?

Let’s say you’re selling chocolates at one of your group events, but some people don’t have any change or money with them to pay on the spot.  Imagine if you could give them a small card with a website address that allows them to purchase or contribute to your cause at their leisure from home!  Many people will be curious to check it out and will very likely buy something to support you.

Now let’s go a step further:  What if you had a tool to add all of your email contacts (Aunt May, Uncle Jim, Cousin Barry, etc.), and they could contribute to your group online no matter where they were in the country?  And what if Aunt May, Uncle Jim, and cousin Barry were also able to access this tool for you and send this message to all of their friends?

This, my fellow fundraisers, is what is called Viral Fundraising.  So if your group has 10 people, and each one sends only 10 emails, you have 100 potential contributors.  These contributors can send e-mails to 10 other people, and now your online campaign will have 1,000 potential contributors!

If your group already has a website, you can also promote your online fundraiser by linking to it.  Don’t have a website?  You can find some tips in our how to make a website for your organization article.

There are many online fundraising programs out there.  They will allow anyone from your neighbor to far away family members and friends to participate in your cause.  Most take very little time to do and are easy to use, which means that it will not take your time away from doing other fun traditional fundraising activities.

Here are some great online fundraising resources:

Magazine fundraising
Donation fundraising (only accepts registered non-profits)