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4 Veterans Day Fundraisers

4 Veterans Day Fundraisers

November 11 is Veterans Day. It’s when we pay respect to the veterans who gave so much to protect our country and the things we stand for. It’s also an important occasion because we need to remember our history and try to prevent repeating the mistakes of the past.
It’s another occasion where you can launch a new fundraising campaign. Here are four Veterans Day Fundraising ideas.

Patriotic Merchandise
Remembering our veterans and what they went through can inspire patriotism in just about anyone. Why not let people wear the love they feel for their country, and the admiration they have for their veterans, with patriotic merchandise? American flag tumblers are one product you can sell leading up to November 11 that can fit the bill. You can also get customized tumblers with your own design, so you can create something to promote our veterans and their dedication to our country. Customized caps, shirts, and sweaters, are also a good choice.

Military Books

Books can be a hit with people who have a military background, and with people who just have an interest in military history. Veterans Day can be a great opportunity to sell books on war history, but be sure to tell your supporters that all the sales are going towards the cause.

War Movie Night

There’s no shortage of war movies to choose from, and a lot of them are famous Academy Award winners. Have a war movie screening night, and charge a small cover fee. You can also have a concession stand selling popcorn and drinks for a little extra revenue. Be sure to choose a popular film that honors and respects the memory of the veterans who served in past wars, not one with a heavy political message.

War History Tours
If your city has a lot of war memorials and museums, you could offer to take people on historical tours. This is an especially great idea if your city has historical sites with military significance, like maybe an old fort or an armoury. History buffs love these sorts of things, and Veterans Day is the perfect occasion to do this as a fundraiser.

War is terrible, but it’s important that we remember and pay our respects where due. On Veterans Day, give homage to the ones who lost their lives and give people a way to show their respect as well with one of these fundraisers.

How to Successfully Fundraise in the Digital Era

How to Successfully Fundraise in the Digital Era

Using technology allows you to reach farther than you ever could before in your fundraising efforts. The Internet lets you tap into a worldwide community by sharing your fundraiser on social networks, blogs, forums, or via email. Here are some fundraising ideas for using digital technology to raise money.

Social Media Fundraising

Using social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, is a great way to tap into your extended network for fundraising. You can create an event detailing your fundraiser on a site like Facebook and invite users to attend. Once they click “Going,” they will be notified of the upcoming event the day of. Guests will have all the necessary info, like the time of the event, the location, and what the funds are needed for available directly to them online. It’s a great way to get the word out and make sure people remember when and where the event takes place.

Invite as many people as you can to join in the fundraiser. Encouraging people who join to invite new members will make your fundraiser grow more and more.

Email Fundraising

Like with social media, emailing can help you fundraise, but only if you have a lot of friends’ email addresses. Encourage your friends to send the email on chain letter style even if they’re not able to give to your fundraiser. offers eye-catching integrated emails that will get your friends interested in donating.

Make it Interactive

Most people surfing the web, and most people in general, are looking for something more exciting than just donating and moving on. Try to think of ways to turn fundraising into a game. Raffles, challenges, and prizes are all more stimulating than straight donations. Maybe one of your digital fundraisers will go viral like the Ice Bucket Challenge! On, supporters can buy products like magazines and people who help you raise money earn fun prizes.

Fundraising Websites

Hosting your fundraiser on a professional website like makes it easy to fundraise online. Participants can just click and buy products, earning you the profit. There’s no need to give out your personal information, like an address to send checks, so it’s very secure. They even offer traditional fundraising programs through their website.

For more awesome fundraising ideas, request a Free Fundraising Guide

3 Ways to Help Your Team Raise Funds

3 Ways to Help Your Team Raise Funds

When coaching a team, it is important to be able to help the kids plan sports fundraisers for things like jerseys or trips. The most popular school fundraisers are bake sales and car washes, and while those ideas are tried and true, why not come up with some fresh fundraising ideas to intrigue and attract a crowd to your next event?

Set Up a Booth

Get all of your athletes together and set up a booth at a local event like a sports game or festival. Sell team-spirited items like t-shirts, hats, or water bottles. These items will not only make you money for your fundraiser, but they get the word out about your team. Take advantage of the attention and advertise upcoming games and events at your booth!

Sell Candy Grams

During school events, like parent-teacher conferences or school concerts, set up a table and have the athletes sell candy grams. Candy grams are little messages attached to a piece of candy. Parents, teachers, and friends can buy candy grams and include a message to send to a student. The student will later receive it as a surprise in class!

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

With the advent of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, getting the word out about your fundraising efforts has never been easier! You can even create an online fundraiser for free to share across social media platforms and have people support your team. Or, take an interactive approach, and record your team practicing, having fun, or performing a choreographed dance to a popular song and post it to social media with a caption addressing the financial needs of your team. Who knows? It could be the next viral video of the moment and result in donations pouring in from all over!

Summer Block Party Fundraiser

Summer Block Party Fundraiser

summer block party fundraiser
A block party fundraiser is ideal for community organizations, neighborhood associations, and any other group offering services in a specific area. Get some tips on turning a neighborhood party into a fundraising opportunity.

A block party is a great chance for residents to learn about your organization, meet each other, improve the bonds in the community, and take a day to relax and have fun while spending little money. Make this a real community initiative by partnering with other local organizations serving the community so residents can find out about all the local resources available to them. Most importantly, make sure that the reason you are raising money is very clear, and is something that everyone in the neighborhood can get behind.

There are many great block party planning guides available on the internet, which include a planning timeline, ideas on organizing your planning committee, food safety tips, and more (see the link in the Resources section at the end). But how do you put a fundraising twist on this kind of event?

Here are four fundraising ideas to help you make your block party into a fundraising opportunity. Be sure to keep in mind your neighborhood demographics to be sure that everyone can afford to participate. If you are in a particularly low-income area, you might need to rely more heavily on sponsorship than on selling items at the event itself.

1. Food

The most popular element of a block party is the food, and the most popular food for a block party is barbecue of course! Ask for donations from a local grocery store for hot dogs and hamburgers to grill up, as well as soda, paper plates, napkins and cups. If you have a family restaurant or grill in your area, you might be able to get them to sponsor this part of the event as well. If your grocery store can’t supply drinks, you can approach soda companies for donations, or get the famous orange drink donated from your local McDonalds!

Always contact the manager directly to ask for donations, and arrange a meeting in person so they can learn more about your organization and the event you are planning. Most grocery stores are happy to get behind a community event like this, as it offers exposure to potential shoppers in the area and reinforces their relationship with current clients.

Be sure to provide a formal donation request letter with outlining who your organization is, what the event is for, and how much of each item you will need, as well as a brochure or other information on your organization, so they can see you are prepared in your planning – showing that you will be prepared for the event! If your organization serves the community, have the meeting there so they can see exactly how their support will help.

You can also set up a snack bar and sell fundraising products – snacks like candy bars, lollipops, and beef jerky that are specially priced for fundraising groups.

Even if you sell it at a low, affordable price, if you can get these products donated, you will be able to raise money by selling food and drink to your hungry neighbors. Allow your sponsors to display banners/signs, or hand out flyers, coupons, or other promotional pieces if they wish.

2. Raffles

Get prizes donated for a raffle and sell tickets throughout your event. This is a good way to get people to stick around too, since they will want to know if they won a prize! Step by Step Fundraising has a lot of great information on organizing fundraising raffles that you can use in your planning.

If you can’t get any prizes donated, go with a half-and-half where half of the money you raise by selling raffle tickets goes to your cause, and half goes to the raffle winner. When planning raffles, always be sure to check with your state laws, since some states have very specific rules about doing raffles and some states require a permit.

3. Sponsorship

In addition to donations for food or prizes, you can approach local businesses to sponsor your event, giving a donation in exchange for allowing them to promote their products or services at your event. Allow them to set up a table at the event or display a banner, and be sure to include their logo on your fundraising flyer and other fundraising event publicity. Follow the tips in #2 to get your sponsorship request prepared.

4. Bazaar

Expanding on the idea of having tables for sponsors, if you have the space and equipment available, why not have a bazaar/block sale area? While planning a bazaar or block sale can be a complete event in itself, if you have the resources to put this together, this adds a fun twist to your event, gives residents the chance to get rid of unneeded items, and is a great chance for local merchants to meet residents that may have never set foot in their store. Setting up a bazaar also offers a great opportunity for talented residents who don’t have a store to sell handmade arts and crafts.

Charge a set amount per table: if you have space for just 10 tables and charge $30 for each, that’s an extra $300 raised. Plus, get just one or two items from each of your tables and use them as prizes in your raffle.

A Few Planning Tips

– Know your Liability – In addition to local permits, be aware of liability issues. Work with your municipality to make sure you have the right liability coverage for your event.

– Have a Plan B (as in Bad weather!) – Try to partner with an organization that is well located in the area where you want to have your block party. If you have a community center in a local park, your block party could be a Day in the Park instead. If you work with an organization that has a facility where you want to hold your event, it will be easy to move activities inside in case of bad weather. Be sure to consider your plans for food: if you have to move inside, is there a kitchen or indoor grill available?

– Survey your Neighborhood – If this is your first community event, you may want to do a survey in advance to see what kind of activities your residents would be most excited about. This is a good way to reach out to your community in advance to get them excited about the event, recruit volunteers, and maybe even stumble across some hidden talent in your area that might want to provide some entertainment on your big day!

– Get Entertainment – Local radio stations will often help with community events by getting radio personalities out to host and DJ the event, and will help to promote the event over the radio.

– Promote your Fundraising Event – Get tips on publicity for your fundraiser, and learn how to create a fundraising flyer .

– Do a Post-party Evaluation – Get your planning committee together after the event to evaluate the event, and what you could improve for next year (yes, next year! These are the kind of events that will keep growing and residents will look forward to all year long)! Be sure to thank all of your sponsors, city officials, and partner organizations that helped make your event a success. Get ideas for thank you letters.

Block Party Planning Resources

– That’s The Spirit: Four Steps to a Great Summer Block Party

– Step by Step Fundraising: How to Organize a Fundraising Raffle

Unique Ideas for Church Fundraising

Unique Ideas for Church Fundraising

unique church fundraising ideas
Here are some unique church fundraising ideas which will allow you to preach God’s word and fundraise at the same time!

Looking for some unique church fundraising ideas? Believe it or not, we’ve got a few that will get your congregation really anxious to start fundraising!

How about a fundraiser that will help your church raise funds, and at the same time you will be able to pass on God’s message to people? Pretty neat, hun? Well you can do so with a t-shirt fundraiser. The average t-shirt is read around 3000 times before it’s thrown out; imagine how many people you can reach. There are t-shirts such as: Abreadcrumb & Fish, Isaiah 40:31, God’s Property, Thy Will be Done..and you can even personalize the t-shirt with your own church’s message. Check it out at

Cookie Dough
What about a cookie dough fundraiser? It’s always great to have your fellow brothers and sisters pass by, you always want to stay close with those who share your beliefs. Not prepared for their surprise visit? No problem, you can just get some frozen cookie dough out of the freezer and in minutes serve some freshly baked cookies. These are great to serve after your bible studies, for your church bake sales, or just whenever you would like some great cookies to give you energy to do God’s will. Come on..try’ll remember us!

Pumpkins & Prayer Rocks
We found some other great church fundraising ideas at  Of all the ones mentioned, these were our personal favorites:  Grow some  pumpkins in time for Halloween or Thanksgiving and sell them to your community members. We all use pumpkins at these times of the year!!! And the last one for today…prayer rocks! Get some children from your church to help a farmer pick up the stones before he seeds his field. Then, the children can paint the stones and glue prayers or scriptures on them. These prayer rocks can then in turn be sold to raise money for your church.

Happy Church Fundraising 🙂

How To Fundraise

How To Fundraise

5 Fundraising Ideas
for Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime!

Fundraising isn’t limited to small businesses, charities, and non profit organizations. You can fundraise, whether you’re a parent, student or a child with a dream!

There are tons of smaller fundraising ideas out there that people can implement on an ongoing basis and at their convenience. Here are five easy ways to fundraise that anyone can do!

Bottle Return

Did you drink a soda? You’re sitting on the elementary principle of fundraising. If you take your empty can back to the store, you just might be holding proceeds of five cents, in some places. Double your profits by returning a beer bottle instead! You can also help the environment while raising funds by staging a neighborhood cleanup and recycling any refund applicable items that you collect.

Yard Sale

There’s an old saying that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” and since treasure has value, a yard or moving sale is an opportunity to take advantage of. The untapped gold mine of your own household items might be a fortune waiting to be cashed in on. Take the time to use and identify the resources around you! Spring is around the corner and what better way to clean house than turn clutter to coin!


Products aren’t the only potential cash cow, services have value too! From walking your neighbors dogs’ to neighborhood odd jobs such as raking leaves or washing cars, your skills can generate income from your supporters.

You have talents; put them to use by publishing them. All you need is a body of work that you find worth selling, and the people to sell it to. Whether it’s a cartoon drawing, a novel, a recipe collection or specialized information to distribute, it’s at your disposal to use. If you don’t have your own word processor utilize your local library’s computer and while you are there check out what other fundraising resources they may have. If you are stuck on how to approach potential supporters with your product you can always couple this idea with the yard sale fundraiser and set up a table specifically for your self-published work.

Fundraising has been a prosperous and practical thing for ambitious and motivated people for centuries. Just ask the little guy at his lemonade stand!

How Our School Did a Food Fundraising Auction

How Our School Did a Food Fundraising Auction

Pasta fundraiser
A USA Fundraising reader tells us how their school put their own twist on a school auction – and had their most successful fundraising auction to date!

Our school’s “Tasty, Delicious Chinese Auction” Fundraiser was our most successful auction yet. The novelty of standard Chinese Auctions wore off when many of our generous donors of gift certificates, 50/50 prizes and table items for auction grew scarce. Fundraisers subsidize our class trips, graduation dances and other needed resources. Our think tank Fundraising Committee was charged with the job of arranging new and different ways to raise funds. Borrowing from ideas of our previous annual Chinese Auctions, we tested a new path to fundraising success.

Foodies and Fun Equal A Successful Food Auction

The nice thing about our Tasty, Delicious Chinese Auction was that children, parents and whole community were intrigued and eager to be part of this unusual idea. Some of our organizers collected discount coupons from local restaurants and fast food emporiums for dinners for two and a whole family. There were also vouchers for free pizzas at a local pizzeria and a complete Chinese family dinner at a nearby Chinese Restaurant. These items were used as door prizes. The first-prize winner would get cooking lessons with a major chef.

Set The Tables Like They Are Groaning Boards

Three long cafeteria tables were loaded with items like cookie dough cakes, hand-turned chocolate in whimsical dishes from the local Chocolatier, bags of popcorn and cotton candy secured with balloons and necklaces with strings of lollipops for the kiddies. A second table was filled with cooking items like various types of kitchen gadgets, bouquets of fresh herbs, large beer steins loaded with sticks of beef jerky, pretzels and cellophane-wrapped cheese sticks. On the third table, there was a T-shirt “tree” created from a 36-inch cardboard pole from an empty gift wrap paper tube. Chop sticks pushed through the pole formed hangers from which t-shirts were suspended. To this table was also added hand-sewn aprons, pairs of baking mitts, tea towels and even a chefs cap.

The Most Popular “Take Home” Food Table

Two round tables were set aside as featured “take home” food tables. The committee appropriated aluminum containers from local takeout restaurants to fill with homemade chile, Boston baked beans, cole slaw, Buffalo wings and finger sandwiches. Not to be outdone by this, desserts were added to the second round table to display homemade cakes, pies, cookies and sweet quick breads like maple walnut, banana coconut and strawberry kiwi wrapped in cellophane and tied with pretty bows.

Doors Open Promptly And Fun Begins

Each item was numbered as regular Chinese Auctions. Patrons purchased a number of tickets in duplicate, holding onto one and depositing the other in a small container in front of items for each drawing to determine winners.

Food and meal fundraisers always draws people out, because everybody has to eat, and most people end up spending money on fast solutions from time to time. A food fundraising auction gives busy people the option of buying home-cooked meals instead of fast food, and to buy something in support of their favorite organization that will definitely, definitely be used!

5 Safe Alternatives to Door-to-Door Fundraising Sales

5 Safe Alternatives to Door-to-Door Fundraising Sales

you're invited
Fifty years ago, children were encouraged—in some cases, even required—to make door-to-door sales a central component of their fundraising. Since then, the world has undergone drastic changes. Even if parents know most of the people in their neighborhood, it’s no longer safe for children to approach their neighbors without proper supervision.

In fact, the Association of Fund-Raising Distributors and Suppliers (AFRDS) no longer endorses door-to-door solicitation due to serious concerns for child safety. So how are young students supposed to sell their products and raise money for their schools in the new millennium? Fortunately, there are five safe alternatives to door-to-door sales that are actually more effective.

1. Storefront Sales

Setting up shop in front of a busy store is a great way to ensure a steady flow of foot traffic. Along with the natural flow of customers, your group will also enjoy the benefits of selling in a well-lit area supervised by the store’s own security team. Parents should encourage their children to decorate their sales table and create signs to promote their products. If they are polite and friendly when approaching perspective buyers, their sales are sure to soar.

2. Product Parties

Remember the classic Tupperware parties where neighbors came together to socialize and stock up on plastic containers? The same type of party can breathe life into any fundraiser, allowing parents and children to spend time with their friends while raising money at the same time. The host family can organize icebreakers, games, and snacks to share with the group, and children can raise money in the safety and comfort of their own homes.

3. Virtual Fundraising

Almost everyone is familiar with Facebook and Twitter, and these networks can make it easy for children to fundraise without going door-to-door. Families can post status updates about upcoming sales events and locations. They can also take direct orders online and arrange a time and place to meet for payment. Before you announce the location of a public sale or product party, make sure to check your privacy settings so that you’re comfortable inviting certain people! Aside from Facebook and Twitter, you can also open a free online fundraising store, where the company will deliver the products right to your supporters’ doorsteps.

4. Festival or Concert Partnership

Local festivals and concerts are perfect places to set up sales tables. Since these events are likely to be heavily populated, students will always have a steady flow of customers. Curious buyers are bound to take a look at a well-organized and decorated table near the entrance or exit, and it should be easy for children to sell their fundraising products there. Make sure to check with the venue first to see if a sales permit is required.

5. Yard Sale Fundraising

Since people who attend yard sales are ready to shop, why not take advantage of the fiscal atmosphere? Parents should first check with the family hosting the yard sale to see if their children can set up a table nearby. Most families will be happy to have the additional attention. Young students can then make their own signs and sell their products in a fun, well-supervised environment.

Unique Fundraising Idea: Think Outside the Box for Your Car Wash

Unique Fundraising Idea: Think Outside the Box for Your Car Wash

unique carwash fundraiser
Car wash fundraisers are an American tradition!  Get great fundraising ideas for making your next car wash stand out from the crowd and be even more profitable.

Car wash fundraisers are an American tradition!  A good car wash, at a low price is a great service, and it’s something people want anyway, which is why car wash fundraisers are such a success.  However, if you really want to stand out from the car wash crowd, put a unique twist on your fundraiser (and boost your profits!) with a snack bar!
On a nice sunny day, people like to get out of the car, stretch their legs, and chat with neighbors at a car wash.  Make your car wash an extra special event by setting up a small snack bar for people to buy snacks and cold drinks while they mingle with friends and wait for their shiny clean car!

Here are some great sellers at car washes:

You can usually buy drinks in bulk at your local bulk grocery store, and then sell them for a small profit.  Volunteers and community members can donate baked goods, and snacks can actually be purchased directly from your fundraising company.   By purchasing from your fundraising company, you’ll be getting your snacks at a much lower price than you would typically find in a grocery store, and they can personalize some snack wrappers with your group name and logo, which can be a lot of fun!

To hold a car wash/snack bar, you need the usual car wash supplies, and these items for your snack bar:

1. A sturdy table
2. A cash box (and a responsible adult to watch over it!)
3. Plenty of change to start out with
4. A cooler with plenty of ice to keep candy bars from melting
5. A large barrel filled with ice for drinks
6. A price list that customers can easily see

A snack bar is the perfect way to make your car wash fundraiser more fun for everyone, and even more profitable for you and your group.  All it takes is a little planning and a smile!

Get more fundraising ideas for summer >>

Happy Fundraising!  : )

Using Comedy to Get Donations

Using Comedy to Get Donations

Cats tell all!

You have to admit that these cats that want to “get out of their old joint” and find some money to renovate a new building got you laughing! They are so adorable that one can’t help but be tempted to go to their website and give a donation, even if it’s a small one. Using comedy is a great way to get people laughing and opening their pockets.