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Top 3 Student Fundraisers

Top 3 Student Fundraisers

School budgets have been getting tighter and tighter by the year. However, we still want our students to enjoy all of the educational opportunities and activities that they have had in the past. One approach that many schools have used to address this problem is to engage in student fundraising. But it need not be boring, time-consuming, or frustrating. If you have products that are both practical and unusual, people will be eager to take part in your fundraising campaign. And don’t forget that in this day and age of modern technology, tech savvy students know how to get the word out there using social media.

Here are the top 3 student fundraising ideas from

  1. Brochure Fundraisers

Brochures otherwise known as Order Takers can help you raise a significant amount of money for your sports team, school trip, cheerleader squad, band competition, yearbook club or any other school initiative. This is a great campaign because your student fundraising committee can offer a range of products without having to carry them around to do your selling. The groups get the brochures and tallies, and the members can tell the world about what you have to sell via Facebook, Twitter, an email blitz, the school website or even a special website for fundraising. You can find a great variety of brochures and products within from our friends at and

  1. Selling sweets in the school

When it comes to products that fly off the shelves—or out of your locker—students will often find a strong market for selling fundraiser sweets in school. But selling candies is not the same as it used to be; make sure that you’re complying with your State nutritional rules for School Fundraisers. The good news is that we’ve been seeing some delicious treats emerging that are compliant with these norms.

  1. Selling school supplies

This is an excellent fundraising idea because it raises money and provides a practical product kids would buy anyhow. Students need school supplies, so why not raise some money and provide students products that they can use? Popular school supplies collections are things like Smencils, Smens and Smarkers. These products are not only popular for fundraising, but they are also practical.

For most schools, fundraising is needed for them to offer all of the services and programs that kids and parents expect. To help provide the activities you want and deserve, try taking part and participate in school fundraisers. We wish you the best of lucks in your next fundraiser!

Top 4 Fundraisers for Church Youth Groups

Top 4 Fundraisers for Church Youth Groups

Church youth group organizers arrange youth mission trips, excursions, camps, and other fun activities. Fundraising can help pay for the activities that help your youth stay engaged with their church. If you’re stuck for inspiration, discover these four effective youth group fundraisers.

Sell The Lord’s Prayer Tumblers

Your congregation can take the words of The Lord’s Prayer wherever they go with The Lord’s Prayer travel tumblers. These blue tumblers feature a cross and the words of The Lord’s Prayer. These dishwasher-safe, BPA-free tumblers are sturdy and useful. Their drink-through lid also helps reduce spills.

Fundraise With Scratchcards

Scratchcards might not sound like a proper fundraiser for a church group, but with fundraising scratchcards, the only entity winning big is your organization. Supporters scratch off a panel or two, and the card shows how much to donate. These amounts range between $1 and $5, so they won’t dent your congregation’s finances.

In exchange for their support, donors receive a coupon card with discounts at popular retailers and services. Since donors get so much back for a relatively small amount, scratchcards are popular church fundraisers. has a range of religious-themed scratchcard designs, or you can personalize your design with images of your church or youth group members.

Make Customized T-Shirts

Customized T-shirts make a specialized promotional fundraiser, since you’re offering a product your congregation can’t get anywhere else. Print shirts with clever slogans, such as “The best vitamin for a Christian is B1,” to make the most of your fundraising campaign.

Sell Candles for Prayer

Many Christians light candles while they pray since candlelight can symbolize God’s presence. A candle drive can make sense for a church youth group fundraiser. Sell candles with appealing scents, such as honey pear or juicy peach and bring the light with a delicious scent!

Raising Money on Your Everyday Purchases

Raising Money on Your Everyday Purchases

Have you ever brought in a box of candy bars to your office or set out a fundraising form so your co-workers could order a pizza kit, cookie dough, candles, or the classic wrapping paper? You need to raise money for your child’s school, but the selling and soliciting associated with old school fundraising is outdated and exhausting. Good news: you don’t have to do that to raise money! Set down the order forms and start using scrip.

Scrip, or gift card fundraising, is fundraising while you shop®. Think of your monthly budget for a minute: you need the staples like groceries and gas, and maybe you even go out to eat a couple of times a month. You could pay for all of these expenses with a gift card and raise money for your school or nonprofit all at the same time.

Still sound too good to be true? Here’s how it works: your organization enrolls in a scrip program on Families in your organization join and then they can place orders for the over 750 retailer brands we offer. The gift cards you purchase on ShopWithScrip are the same ones you would buy in the store, but they all have a rebate on them, anywhere from 2 to 16%. When you buy the card at face value, the rebate percentage goes directly to your organization, so it’s immediate fundraising! Plus, your organization can give families a portion of their earnings back, which keeps families actively participating and raises even more money for your organization.

In addition to our physical cards, some cards are reloadable, and we also offer over 300 eGift cards that you can purchase and sometimes redeem right from your mobile device for easy, on-the-go convenience.

For almost 23 years, ShopWithScrip has helped members of over 30,000 nonprofit organizations raise money in their everyday life. We want to save you the stress of selling, and help you start raising money with scrip!

Click here to learn more about gift card fundraising, or give us a call at 800.727.4715, option 5.

A Clearly Perfect Fundraiser? Exactly.

A Clearly Perfect Fundraiser? Exactly.

What do families, soccer moms, sports teams, grandparents, business people, gardeners, pizza delivery guys and pretty much everyone else have in common?

One thing is that each of their car floor inevitably gets dirty and worn out by the daily onslaught of dirt, dust, mud, asphalt, salt and pretty much whatever else nature has to throw at it.

Now there’s a way to help fix that problem and simultaneously raise significant funds for your organization.

If you’ve ever seen a car floor that looks like the owner hasn’t cleaned it in months, or even years (you have, haven’t you), it’s most likely not because the owner doesn’t want a clean vehicle, but rather because they don’t know of a way to effortlessly keep the grunge away without changing the look of their interior.

But now there’s a way to protect vehicle floors from that relentless attack and make a lot of patrons very happy with a fundraising product that will clearly…even perfectly…solve the dirty floor problem.

ExactMats™ is the original, clear, perfect-fitting protective car mat. Since 1997 ExactMats have been nearly invisibly covering the floors and cargo areas of cars, trucks and SUVs with rugged protection you can count on.

Unlike heavy rubber mats that take over the look of your vehicle, every set of ExactMats is made of clear virgin vinyl, perfectly matched in size and shape to fit each vehicle’s make, model and year.  So you see the carpeted floor right through it, but the carpet stays clean!

ExactMats offer a great fundraising opportunity, because each patron receives something he or she genuinely needs, which will last for years, and is made specifically for his or her vehicle.

ExactMats make a great stand-alone fundraiser, and they’re also a natural add-on for car washes.  If you’re looking for something unique, with a product that has a twenty-year track record of success, you should explore ExactMats for your next fundraiser and create some buzz in your community.  A clearly perfect idea?  Exactly.

To learn more about this fundraiser click here or dial 1.888.395.6004



Be Like These Superheroes and Power Up Your Fundraiser

Be Like These Superheroes and Power Up Your Fundraiser

There was a time when superheroes where an exclusive niche, but now they’re mainstream. With the amount of blockbuster Hollywood movies coming out every year, television series making headlines, and comic book conventions popping up in cities across the world, it’s impossible to not know a thing or two about the Marvel and DC universes. Even if you aren’t a comic book aficionado, you probably have a few of your own favorite heroes that you like to root for.

Superheroes can exemplify some of the best qualities of humanity. In this post, we’re going to look at a handful of heroes who demonstrate qualities that can power up your fundraising game.

The Charm of Ironman
Ironman doesn’t have any cosmic powers, but relies on sheer savvy and technology to get the job done. In the world of superheroes, there are few who demonstrate more charisma and charm than Tony Stark. He knows how to work a crowd, and when he speaks people hang off his every word.

When you communicate with your supporters, see if you can take a page out of Ironman’s book and inject a little charm and whit into your interactions. It could give you the edge you need to earn their trust, and ultimately, their support.

The Determination of Batman
Batman is a true vigilante. When Bruce Wayne sets his sights on something, he doesn’t quit until he’s achieved his ends. Sometimes this comes at great cost, but thankfully in the fundraising world you won’t be dealing with The Penguin or The Joker!

It takes tenacity and determination to find success in fundraising because there will be some no’s, and that can get discouraging. You have to be determined to never give up until you reach your fundraising goal. Be determined like Batman, and you’ll overcome the odds and win over more supporters.

The Planning Skills of Professor X
You shouldn’t jump into a fundraising campaign and wing it because planning is one of the keys to success. That holds true not just for fundraising, but in any field of life. You need to have a plan to make the most of your efforts, and when it comes to planning few people do it better than Professor X.

As the creator of the Xavier’s School for Gifted Children, and leader of the X-Men, he has a lot of responsibility on his plate. When the world’s in danger it’s up to the X-Men to fight the bad guys, and Professor X is the mastermind behind it all. Be the mastermind of your fundraising campaign and you’ll be the hero of the day.

The Leadership of Captain America
Every team needs a leader, and in the comic book world no one represents the term “fearless leader” quite like the indomitable Captain America. He has led the Avengers against countless foes. He inspires loyalty, and encourages his teammates.

Leadership isn’t always about giving commands; it’s also about giving support and setting an example. That is what Captain America does, and you can do the same. Lead with example, try your best and support your group members the best you can. Lead your fundraising team like the Captain does with the Avengers and you’ll be defeating the horrible monster of low funding in no time.

What superheroes do you look up to? What are their qualities and how could you use them in your fundraiser and in your life?

How To Market Your Fundraiser to Millennials

How To Market Your Fundraiser to Millennials

There are over 80 million millennials living in the US, and marketers are always looking for ways to appeal to them. After all, it’s a huge demographic and they have money to spend. The thing is Millennials are not the same as Baby Boomers, so old fashioned marketing techniques won’t work. If you want to make your fundraiser appeal to the younger generation, you’ll need to take a different approach. Here’s how to market your fundraiser to the millennial generation.

Use Social Media
It’s a safe bet that most millennials have smart phones. They use their phones for web surfing, email, and social media far more than home computers. Social media is a big part of the lives of Millennials because they use it every day for a variety of reasons from keeping in touch with family and friends, to staying informed with what’s going on in the news. That’s why social media channels like Facebook and Instagram are excellent ways to connect to this demographic.

Be authentic and personal
Of course if you’re going to get on social media and engage Millennials from there, you need to do it with the right kind of content so you’re speaking in terms that they will listen to. Whether it’s being shared from another source, or if it’s original material, the content you put out needs to be authentic and appeal to them on a personal level. Engage with your audience over social media with original blog posts, videos, and photos with genuine sentiments and you should see results.

Show how they can make a difference
Millennials have different priorities than boomers. Most millennials prefer to spend their money on experiences, rather than possessions. They want see the world and make a difference somehow. When marketing your fundraiser to millennials, show them why you need their help and how they can make a difference by donating to your charity.

Choose outbound over inbound marketing
You’ll have better results with millennials if you go with inbound marketing methods over outbound ones. This connects back to the point above about sharing authentic content over social media. Generate a buzz with high quality blog posts or a video that tugs on the heart strings, and you’ll appeal to those discerning millennial minds.

Millennials are a savvy bunch, and very different than previous generations because of how much technology has changed the game. But you can still get them interested in your fundraiser with these tips.

Katydids Make Great Easter Fundraisers

Katydids Make Great Easter Fundraisers

If  you like chocolate you’ve probably heard of Katydids. Combining chocolate, pecans, and caramel, this wildly popular treat is a guaranteed hit around the holidays, and an easy sell for your Easter fundraiser. At we have a large supply of katydids and these sweet delights are an easy sell for your Easter fundraiser.

Katydids are one of Kathryn Beich’s most well known products, and we have them in boxes and tins. The boxes retail for $12, but when you order a case from us you get 24 boxes at $7.20 each for a total of $172.80. At that price, you earn a 40 per cent profit margin.

The tins sell for $14 each, and you get 12 of them in a case. We sell them at the low wholesale price of $8.40 each, and that adds up to $100.80 per case so, once again, you can enjoy a 40 per cent profit margin with your Katydids fundraiser. But whether you choose tins or boxes, orders must be a minimum of 1 case, and delivery time is 7 business days.

As a fundraiser, Katydids practically sell themselves because few people can resist these chocolaty temptations. Just send your kids to school with order forms and have them ask their teachers and classmates if they’d like to buy them. On the other hand, you can also accompany them as they go door-to-door and take orders from your neighbours. Since they’re so well known already, and are especially popular around Easter, Katydids make for a great fundraising idea during this holiday season. Try them again around Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving too!

Placing an order is simple; just click hereThe only hard part about a Katydids fundraiser is going to be not eating them all yourself!

4 Great Fundraisers for Cheerleading Teams

4 Great Fundraisers for Cheerleading Teams

Looking to raise some money for your cheerleading squad? There are tons of popular fundraising options out there to have cheerleaders cartwheeling their way to success. Here are a few fundraising ideas for inspired cheerleaders out there.

Cheerleading/Athletic Contest

Putting on a show is a great way to bring people together. If your cheerleaders get permission to use the school field, they can arrange an athletic event like a powder-puff football game, cheerleading competition, or talent show. Charge admission and sell snacks at the event to fundraise. Football players and other students can join in, too!

Restaurant Fundraiser

Set up a fundraiser night with a local restaurant in order to take in some of the profits. It’s a good deal for the eateries that want to bring in more customers. They’re basically paying you for advertising them. Make fundraiser night an event by cheering on diners as they eat or hosting performances if the restaurant has a stage.

Car Wash

A good summer fundraiser, the car wash has little to no upfront costs so you can make good profits. Still, try to make it cheaper than the local professional car wash. Talented cheerleaders can put on a routine to attract drivers from the street. Use signs to let them know what team and school you’re raising money for.

Local Sponsorship

Getting a local business to back your cheerleading team can be very profitable. This type of sports fundraiser is normally used for college level teams, but cheerleaders can take advantage of it, too. This fundraiser works best if you already know a business owner and have a plan for showing off their sponsorship. Offer to put the business logo on uniforms, paperwork, signs, and things you hand out at games. Make it worth their while!

An Exciting Anytime Fundraiser

An Exciting Anytime Fundraiser

Lollipop Fundraiser: Perfect All Year Round

When people think candy fundraiser they tend to think chocolate or candy bars, but lollipops may just be one of fundraising’s best kept secrets! They come in a variety of flavors, never fail to satisy one’s sweet tooth and are an easy choice for many group types.

Whether it’s a treat, a small snack, a gift or a pick-me-upper on a slow day, lollipops are loved and enjoyed by participants of all ages.

A lollipop fundraiser is an easy way to reach a fundraising goal and a great incentive for one! Lollipops by nature are iconic enough to always put a smile on faces, since you can’t help but associate these candies with delightful thoughts.

What’s more is that they never go out of season! Running a lollipop fundraiser several times a year is a savvy way to sweeten up the success and support of any occasion. You can also choose to cater your lollipop fundraiser to the season or to your group’s cause. They are available in a wide range of themes from Valentine and Easter to Sports and Faith.They don’t cost much, they sell easily, and sugarless ones are even available, making them a guilt-free treat!

So how about a Candy-gram for your sweetheart? Don’t forget that lollipops are small and portable, which extends your sales opportunities far and wide. Take them to the workplace! The benefit is that you don’t need too many volunteers for this type of fundraising idea.

Everyone loves lollipops, you don’t even have to explain what it is. They’re also high consumption items, meaning most people will buy more than one. As a predominantly cash-only transaction, the return is immediate too!

What more could you ask for? Choose your flavor and get popping!