Top Ongoing Fundraiser

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Why Fundraise with Cookie Dough? There’s a reason why cookie dough is a choice fundraising idea among organizations. In fact, there are several. Just to name a few, the variety of flavors, the storage capabilities, the taste and the high profit rate. Imagine the selection of flavors you can make, bake, and serve as a […]

Top Spring Fundraisers

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Spring is in the air!  Check out our top fundraisers for spring. Cookie Dough Cookie dough is one of those fundraisers that’s perfect no matter what the season.  It’s one of the fastest growing products in the industry, and with the new online fundraising option for cookie dough, it’s becoming even more popular among fundraising […]

Top Summer Fundraising Ideas

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Looking for great ideas for hot summer fundraisers? Here are our top summer fundraising ideas: SUMMER FUNDRAISING EVENTS All year long we look forward to the fun of summer. The possibilities are endless for fun summer fundraising events. Here are some of the best summer fundraising events and activities. Car Wash This tried-and-true fundraiser is […]

Trash for Cash Bottle Drive Fundraiser

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Learn how to turn trash into cash with a successful bottle drive or recycling fundraiser.  It’s a great way to do something positive for the environment too! As people become increasingly aware of pollution and the environment, recycling fundraisers are becoming increasingly popular.  And why not!  It’s a great way to raise funds for your […]

Tupperware as a School Fundraiser

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I know what you are thinking: as soon as you hear “Tupperware,” you think of a bunch of moms getting together and purchasing to their hearts’ content. But believe it or not, Tupperware is also a great school fundraiser. It’s not because I’m a mom and Tupperware’s ideal customer, but I really DO love Tupperware […]

Understanding Fundraising Programs: Pre-Sale vs. Direct Sale

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Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or a newbie fundraiser, you may be unsure of exactly what pre-sale and direct sale fundraisers are.  Here is your official guide to help you understand the lingo. Many fundraising companies use the terms “pre-sale” and “direct sale” to define different fundraising programs.  But what do these terms mean?  What […]

Unique Fundraising Idea Offers Something for Everyone!

A unique and different fundraising idea that has something for everyone, and also makes a really great fundraiser for the holidays. So you have tried selling pies and pizzas, organized car washes and spaghetti dinners.  You made a profit, but you would like to try something different this year – unique fund raising idea in […]

Unique Fundraising Idea: Think Outside the Box for Your Car Wash

Car wash fundraisers are an American tradition!  Get great fundraising ideas for making your next car wash stand out from the crowd and be even more profitable. Car wash fundraisers are an American tradition!  A good car wash, at a low price is a great service, and it’s something people want anyway, which is why […]

Unique Ideas for Church Fundraising

Here are some unique church fundraising ideas which will allow you to preach God’s word and fundraise at the same time! Looking for some unique church fundraising ideas? Believe it or not, we’ve got a few that will get your congregation really anxious to start fundraising! T-Shirts How about a fundraiser that will help your […]

Unique Video Clip Fundraising Idea

With the incredible growth of YouTube and other video sharing sites, sharing videos of our friends, family, and community is as natural as using Hotmail was in ’99! We all have the power to share our message with the world through video – but can you give an online video as a gift? How about […]