Using Comedy to Get Donations

Cats tell all! You have to admit that these cats that want to “get out of their old joint” and find some money to renovate a new building got you laughing! They are so adorable that one can’t help but be tempted to go to their website and give a donation, even if it’s a […]

Vinny the Pug Takes on Animal Rescue

What makes Vinny a hero?  This August, Vinny will be embarking on a continent-wide tour of the US and Canada to visit 100 cities and host a variety of fundraisers in conjunction with local animal shelters.  His goal?  Raise $1,000,000 for animal rescue! Vinny began his quest for greatness with a goal of making it […]

Warm School Fundraising Ideas

Notice that it’s starting to get a bit chilly? How about some great school fundraisers that can keep you nice and warm? How about a Sock-A-Thon? This is a great warm school fundraiser! Everyone needs a pair of socks. You can even match them to your school colors.  This is especially great for your sports […]

What I Learned from Girl Scouts

Once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout.  In my Guiding and Scouting career, I learned many lessons that still apply to aspects of my life today – including fundraising. I wasn’t always the best Girl Scout, but our own mistakes are often the best lessons.  And when you have the guidance of more experienced […]

What is a Scratchcard Fundraiser?

Interested in Scratchcard fundraising?  Want to know more about how Scratchcard fundraisers work and if they’re the right choice for you?  Here’s your Scratchcard guide to get you started! Scratchcards are one of the most popular fundraising products because they’re low cost, have a high profit margin, and are easy to transport, store and carry […]

What is Online Fundraising?

Have you been hearing the buzz about online fundraising, but you’re not quite sure what it is, or how to use it?  Get the scoop and find out if it’s right for you and your group. Everybody is familiar with traditional fundraising.  I remember being in elementary school and looking at all the neat toys […]

YAY – Google for Non-Profits!

Great news! Google just launched a new portal for non profits! Are you looking for new ways and tools in order for your non-profit to save time, money, as well as increase traffic and donations to your website? Well there is a great new portal for you: Google for Non-Profits! This site is full of tools […]

Your Cookbook Fundraiser

Learn how to cook up funds with a cookbook fundraiser!  A cookbook fundraiser is a fun opportunity for friends and neighbors to share their culinary secrets, so its a perfect way for you to raise funds. Everyone likes to have great recipes to show off their culinary skills. Usually you trust recipes more if they […]

Promote Literacy and Raise Funds

Used Book Sale Fundraiser A used book sale is an excellent way to raise funds while recycling at the same time, and a good reason to dust off those old novels and to take advantage of the money they can make for your fundraiser. Depending on the size and scope of your sale, you may […]