Breast Cancer Fundraiser Ideas

Breast Cancer Fundraiser Ideas

How much are you willing to do for charity? How about biking 600 km (or 373 miles) to raise money for breast cancer research? One of our readers did just that…

One of our readers, Sergio Faraone, invited us to a Breast Cancer Fundraiser on September 8th, 2007. He was hosting the event at a coffee shop in order to raise funds for Ride for the Cure.

Basically he had to raise $2000 and then “Ride for the Cure”. This means, he hade to ride his bicycle from Toronto to Montreal, (only about 600 km…or 373 miles). He did this 4 day bike-a-thon along with 26 of his co-workers from Novartis Canada Pharmaceutical. Each of the 26, in turn, also pledged to raise at least $2000 each for a total objective of raising $65 000. To date, they have raised more than $90 000 and will continue until the campaign ends September 30th, 2007. All of the money goes to benefitting the CIBC Breast Cancer Foundation in helping to find a cure.

Seeing that we were in Montreal that weekend, we decided to go to the event. Honestly we have to say that we have been to many fundraisers but this one really caught our attention.

Sergio got the coffee shop to open its doors up for his party at no cost. He got a friend of his, a meat distributor to donate the food and he bought the drinks. The price was $30 per person. Not a bad deal seeing it included some food, Stella Artois beer, wine, gin and great Martinis!! Oh yeah, Dry Martinis, Apple Martinis, as well as Cranberry & Vodka Martinis. Did we mention there were great Martinis?  🙂

He got a bouncer to stand at the door in order to make sure no one crashed the party. You can tell this was a breast cancer fundraiser from a mile away. He put a pink feather as a way to block entrance to the café. The pick feather was lifted only once you showed your ticket or were willing to purchase one. Nice touch! Of course, that was his wife’s idea!!

Inside, his wife & himself draped the café with white and pink pieces of fabric, so one really got the feeling you were supporting a breast cancer fundraiser. The fabric was donated by none other than the great Italian Mama.

Throughout the evening additional ways of raising funds were devised. One was at the bar. People were so impressed that quality drinks were being served, that they started tipping the bartender. The bartender took out a glass and put a pink ribbon on it. Every time someone went for a drink, they automatically tipped the bartender. A couple of hundred dollars were raised just in tips!

On top of this a raffle was also organized. They got prizes donated from friends and family which included: beautiful pieces of costume jewelry, (hand-made by his wife, Zoila) a free cut & style at a hair dressing salon, Estee Lauder cosmetics & two Jones New York jackets. They also managed to get some wine importers to donate red and white Italian and Portuguese wines and portos. This helped raised at least another $500. After all, who can say no to a raffle with all these goodies? Especially the porto 🙂

Another nice touch was in the washroom. Pink soap was added, as well as a vase full of pink stones, cupped by a bracelet with the breast cancer icon. Everywhere you went in the café that night, you were reminded you were supporting a breast cancer fundraiser and felt very proud to do so. Not to mention the great DJ whose music got everyone moving and shaking! Its funny how just a few little different touches can contribute to such a great atmosphere that get people happy and in the mood to keep on giving.

Congratulations Sergio to a successful ride for the cure breast cancer fundraiser!

Check out Sergio’s daily Blog while “riding for the cure” from Toronto to Montreal.


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