Shave Your Head Charity Fundraiser

Shave Your Head Charity Fundraiser

Would you shave your head for charity?  This woman did!

Would you shave your head for charity? This brave woman did! Although it is difficult to part with your hair, it’s a great, fast and easy way to raise money. You’ll be surprised at how many people are willing to donate money to see you without hair! If you make the head shave public, you’ll get an even better response. Better yet, let the biggest donors help with the head shaving!

Okay, so shaving your head is very bold. You might want to allow your more conservative male participants to shave their beard or chest, while those with very long hair can donate their ponytail if they can part with 10″ or more.

You can also use head shaving as a reward in itself, for example, if your school reaches it’s fundraising goal, the principal has to get their head shaved! Or if you reach your work fundraiser’s goal, it’s the CEO that has to get their head shaved.

We recommend you try it – you’ll be surprised with the results. Once you do collect all this hair, you can donate it to charities that collect the shaved hair to make wigs for cancer patients. Make sure to find out what kind of hair donations are accepted first since different organizations have different requirements. Locks of Love, for example, asks that hair is collected in a ponytail, and that it’s at least 10″ long, while Wigs For Kids asks for a minimum length of 12″.

Shaving your head is a great fundraiser for not only do you raise money for charity, but you help provide wigs for people that need it. Enjoy your cool new head!

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