Cheer Fundraiser Ideas

Cheer Fundraiser Ideas

A big trend right now is discount grocery stores like co-ops, bulk stores and warehouse style stores that don’t provide bagging services in order to cut costs.  Great cheer fundraiser ideas are to get your cheer squad together as volunteer baggers for a day, and collect donations!

How This Works

Visit local grocery stores and markets that don’t provide bagging services.  Tell them about your cheer squad, why you need to fundraise and how much you’re looking to raise.
Set up a date and time with the store.  Weekends are usually best for your squad’s availability, but Saturdays and Sundays are also good because that’s when shoppers are usually slower and more relaxed.  Remember, as motivated as your squad may be, they aren’t professional baggers.  The pace and atmosphere of a really busy grocery day (paydays are typically busiest) could overwhelm your squad.

Have a large jar or coin box at the end of each register for people to drop change into.  Tape a sign to each one with a message of thanks.  Ex:  “Thank You for Supporting the Middlebrook Cheer Squad!”

Try to have two squad members at each register – one can hold the bag, the other can fill it.  If you can’t have two per register, try one member at each register, and have “runners” – extra squad members who go from register to register helping who ever seems busiest.

Why This Works- Cheer Fundraiser Ideas

People are standing there with their wallets open to pay for groceries.  They’re already prepared to drop some change into a jar!

A bit of change here and there doesn’t seem like much, but if every shopper who comes through gives just $0.50, it’ll add up fast!

You have no upfront costs so every penny donated is pure profit.

You’re providing a service, not just asking for donations flat out.  And it’s a service people will really appreciate!  This will encourage them to donate more.

Helpful Tips- Cheer Fundraiser Ideas

Have your squad dress in uniform.  It will make them stand out and bring authenticity to your fundraiser.  All this adds up to more profits!
You want to do a good job, so give your squad a little tutorial on grocery bagging beforehand.

– Don’t put all the heavy things in one bag.
– Solid items like cans and boxes should go in the bottom of the bag, while “squish-able” items like bread and produce should go on top.
– Meats and chemical products like cleaners and soaps should be wrapped in a separate bag before being put in with the other items to avoid contamination.

Boost your profits by doubling up with a candy bar sale at the same time.  $1 bars like these chocolates are ideal.  These can be sold at the register, at a table near the entrance, or outside the store.  Just check with store management first.

And remember, always have plenty of adult supervision for your squad members.

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