Cheerleader Fundraisers Came Together to Help High School

Cheerleader Fundraisers Came Together to Help High School

When Enterprise High School lost several students, including 2 cheerleaders, in a devastating tornado the cheer fundraisers community came together to support eachother and help rebuild the school.

Imagine you are a high school student who headed off to school like any other day, and within hours, you found yourself scrambling to escape what became a pile of hazardous rubble thanks to a powerful F3 tornado ripping through your school and community. Imagine losing friends and having no school left to go to.

In the wake of last week’s tragic events at Enterprise High School, where eight students lives were lost and many more were injured when the school’s roof collapsed, the members of the Spirit Industry Trade Association (SITA) are coming together to help rebuild and support the students and families who have been left without a school.

In response to the devastation left by an F3 tornado to the community of Enterprise, AL and Enterprise High School, the Spirit Industry Trade Association (SITA) has established a relief fund for Enterprise High School. More specifically, there are currently over 1,200 students without a school, many families without a roof over their heads, a grieving community for eight young lives that were lost, and a town that will be changed forever. Two of the students killed were cheerleaders — Ryan Mohlar and A.J. Jackson.

Enterprise High School is very active in the cheerleading community, having hosted many national championships and being the home to many top cheerleaders and coaches, including Debbie Bracewell, Executive Director of the National Council for Spirit Safety and Education (NCSSE). In the cheer community and beyond, we can all imagine the hardship caused by such a terrible natural disaster, and can all do our part.

You can make a difference to help the students and families of Enterprise rebuild. To find out how you can help, please see the full release here: SITA-Enterprise High School Relief Fund Established

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