Christmas Fundraiser – Oxfam Unwrapped

Christmas Fundraiser – Oxfam Unwrapped

Not sure what to give as gifts this Christmas? Oxfam America Unwrapped can help you out. They came up with 22 new type of gift ideas for this holiday season.

Check out their website they have an online alternative gift catalogue. It’s truly a great way to give a gift all while helping the fight against global poverty.

Here are a few great gifts that have been added for this Christmas season:

– Mosquito Net – For just $18 this gift helps protect people from the spread of malaria.
– Baby Chicks – $40 will get a dozen adorable chicks to help support farming families.
– Bicycle – $85 – This is a necessity in developing areas. It is a means of transportation and independence.

There are much much more! Check out Oxfam America’s Unwrapped great site and remember, that these gifts are considered donations and are fully tax deductible!

Happy Oxfam America Unwrapped Christmas Shopping!

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