Church Community Fundraising

Church Community Fundraising

Learn about church community fundraising and how it can help your congregation build relationships, raise funds and have fun!

Church community fundraising is any church fundraiser that gathers your community together for a cause.  This type of fundraising is ideal for churches and congregations because it accomplishes two things:

1. It raises much needed funds for your church.
2. It encourages cooperation and strengthens community values.

To accomplish these goals, plan for community fundraising events and activities that require cooperation and encourage a community and family focused atmosphere.  For most events, you’ll raise funds by selling treats or handicrafts, by charging admission or a ticket price, or by collecting donations at the event.

What events or activities qualify as church community fundraising?  Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

– Community picnics or potlucks
– Bake sales and/or craft fairs
– Car washes
– Christmas caroling in your community
– Spaghetti, baked bean, chili or pancake dinners or lunches
– Food, bottle or used clothing drives
– Family fun or games day
– Organize handicraft groups (sewing, knitting, quilting, painting or any other craft) that meet regularly and hold seasonal sales
– Community cooking classes hosted by congregation members
– Book clubs
– Weekend daycare services

Remember to take proper safety precautions for any event that involves children.

The key will be to promote your church fundraising event throughout your local community, and welcome all to attend and take part.  Church community fundraising is a great opportunity to grow your congregation and build relationships with other community groups, so have fun with it and encourage your congregation to participate at all levels of planning.

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