Church Fundraising: How to Get Started

Church Fundraising: How to Get Started

Churches often having many fundraising initiatives on the go at once.  There are mission trips, youth groups, outreach programs, general maintenance and up-keep and much more.  Here are a few church fundraising ideas to help your church succeed.

Your church is healthy, the congregation is good…but you need to raise funds for your church’s mission trip or building initiative and you are not quite sure how to go about it.  Here’s how:

First, discuss your goals with your congregation, the resources you have available and what everyone is comfortable with.  Once this is established, then you can decide how to go about fundraising for your church.

Fundraising Products – Church Fundraising

It’s always best to have a combination of fundraising products and events to help raise as much money as possible.  One great fundraiser for your congregation is the church Scratchcard It’s a great product that can be personalized just for your church, and it’s a simple way of getting donations.  All you need to do is to ask your friends, family and neighbors to scratch off an amount that ranges from $0 to $2.50 and there you go – you start to get some donations!  In return, in order to thank them for doing so, you give them a sheet of brand name coupons as their free gift.  It’s a lot of fun and very profitable for church fundraising because each card raises up to $100.

Another great church fundraiser is having a bake sale right after your Sunday mass.  It’s a great way to spend some additional time with your fellow brothers and sisters and you get to do it over a few goodies.

If your church has a website, you could promote your fundraising needs, and ask people to help out if they can.  If your church does not have a website, we strongly suggest you to get one.  This can be done by pretty much anyone with no technical experience at little to no cost.  Check out  You need to get your word out and being able to refer people to a website is an ideal way of doing so.

E-Fundraising-Church Fundraising: is another great one.  You can subscribe to your favorite magazine and get your friends to as well all while fundraising for your church.  Get magazines such as Angels on Earth, Catholic Digest, Charisma & Christian Life Magazine, Children’s Ministry, Group, Living with Christ, God’s Word Today and many, many more at up to 85% off newsstand prices!  On top of these savings, your church will get a 40% profit check on all magazine sales made!

And before taking on any church fundraising endeavors, always pray together as a congregation and ask God to guide you with your efforts.  With Him helping you, you are sure to take the right path.  God Bless!

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