Classic Candy Fundraising: The Original One Dollar Bar

Classic Candy Fundraising: The Original One Dollar Bar

Candy remains the top product sold for school and youth fundraisers for one reason: almost everyone loves chocolate, and everyone can give $1 to help!

As we all worry about the money in our pocket, the classic $1 candy bar fundraiser is a surefire way to raise the money your school or organization needs.

The One Dollar Bar is a fundraising classic because of its large size, the high quality of the chocolate, and the selection available. Unlike other popular fundraising bars that seem to shrink as the price of commodities increase, the One Dollar Bar packs a satisfying 1.8 oz.

You can go with something for everyone by getting one of two variety packs, or go with a straight selection of either caramel, almond, or crispy rice. All of the One Dollar Bars come in nice fundraising boxes that are easy for students to carry, and are peanut-free and certified kosher.

America has had an eventful decade, and unity is something that’s on everyone’s minds these days. Show your commitment to unity with the United We Stand One Dollar Bar Variety Pack, which has Creamy Caramel, Roasted Almond, Crispy Rice, and Tasty Truffle bars. For a wider selection, the America’s Variety Pack has all the flavors in the United We Stand selection, plus the mint chocolate bar.

How To Get Started:

There are 3 ways to get your candy bar fundraiser started:

1. Call 1.866.891.0053
2. Get a FREE product guide
3. Shop online

Or, learn more about the One Dollar Bar and other candy fundraisers from >>

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