Cómo Solicitar una Donación – Donation Request Letter in Spanish

Cómo Solicitar una Donación – Donation Request Letter in Spanish

Our recent article Showing Appreciation for Your Hispanic Supporters generated so much interest that we decided to create an extra tool for you: a Spanish Donation Request Letter.

You will find below to Spanish translation.

How to Write Donation Letters article


[Address of beneficiary]

Dear [Recipient’s name],

Every year [name of organization] works for [your cause]. This struggle has been possible because of the generous support of people like you.

In this last year, [name of the organization] has [to describe a goal achieved, share an anecdote of your organization, or the history of a person or institution that has benefited from the work of your organization]. This year, we hope [to present a goal or goal for next year. ]

Today we ask you to make a concrete gesture for / against [your cause], making a simple donation of [$ amount]. Your [$ amount] [what will this amount cover? Feed a child? Contribute to the fight against deforestation? Buy sports or school materials?]. To send your generous donation, please [Specify payment methods, postal address, etc].

[Organization] thanks to you for your time and generosity.


[His sign]

[Your name, printed]
[Your title]

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