Corporate Fundraising Ideas

Corporate Fundraising Ideas

Every year we plan various fundraising activities in order to raise funds for United Way. We came up with a few corporate fundraising ideas this year that we thought we should share with you.

The President’s Chair

This was a lot of fun! We went around the office with the President’s chair and charged $2 a ticket in order to get a chance to win his chair for a day! Of course he has one of those high very comfortably padded chairs so getting people to buy tickets was a synch. Not only does the winner get to sit in the comfortable chair all day, but can do whatever they want to it. Hmmm..doesn’t your imagination go wild on this one?!

Lunch with a VP Auction

The deal was that the President and the VP’s had to take the highest bidders out to a nice lunch. By nice we mean that the winner would not be taken to the local vending machine or hot dog stand! Of course we are fundraising so cost is important here. Wow! We could not believe the results! Definitely a fundraiser to be repeated.

Do Not Wear a Halloween Costume

This was quite an original corporate fundraiser. It seems that less and less people are dressing up for Halloween these days, so we decided to take advantage of that. We advised everyone in advance that those that did not dress up for Halloween would have to donate $5 to United Way. Believe it or not, there were quite a few that did not dress up. Of course, there were also those that made last minute paper mustaches and such to avoid paying the $5, but we all got some good laughs and raised lots of money. We also gave out extra Halloween candy for those who did contribute.

New Silent Auction Guide & Toolkit

These new corporate fundraisers were all great hits. However, the fundraiser that we always raise the most amount of money with every year is our Silent Auction. This year we even raised more money than usual thanks to Sandra Sims new book Silent Auction Guide & Toolkit. This is definitely a must have for anyone planning an auction. It comes complete with everything you need from donation request letters, forms, bid sheets, thank you letters, how to plan the event, how to hold it, how to set up, volunteers, inviting attendees, publicity, costs, income and much more. Thank you Sandra!

All in all, we raised quite a few thousand dollars for United Way thanks to all these great corporate fundraising ideas. We’ll keep you posted on all our new successful fundraising initiatives.

Happy Corporate Fundraising 🙂

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