A Couple of Baseball Fundraising Ideas

A Couple of Baseball Fundraising Ideas

Get some quick tips for baseball fundraising that will knock your next campaign out of the park!  Raise more, spend less and have fun.

Need to raise money for your baseball team?  Looking for some baseball fundraising ideas to pay for your field, uniforms, umpires and trips?  Here are a few tips that could help you out:

First, determine how much money you need to raise (your fundraising goal).  With this in mind, you can then plan the various ways to help you reach your baseball fundraising goals.

A great way to raise a considerable amount of funds in a short time is through registration fundraising.  This is ideal, for it’s all done in a matter of a day!  Each player is given a certain item to sell (for instance a Baseball Scratchcard), where the player can choose to either sell the product to recover the funds, or to simply keep the product.

When it comes to sports fundraising, especially baseball, one needs to be creative, so a great idea is to sell snacks such as candy bars, drinks, baseball themed popcorn or lollipops, during tryouts and championships.  With all the additional people around at these events, you are certain to get some good sales!

Another way to raise funds for your baseball team is with online fundraising.  Just think; at the same time that you are on the field scoring those grand slams and home runs, your team can be raising funds with almost no effort!  Check it out at

Have any other baseball fundraiser ideas to share?  Let us know!  Good Luck reaching your baseball fundraising goals!

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