Creative and Effective Fundraising Ideas for Everyone

Creative and Effective Fundraising Ideas for Everyone

5 Fundraising Ideas for Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime!

Fundraising isn’t limited to small businesses, charities, and non profit organizations. You can fundraise, whether you’re a parent, student or a child with a dream! There are tons of smaller fundraising ideas out there that people can implement on an ongoing basis and at their convenience. Here are five easy ways to fundraise that anyone can do!

Bottle Return – Fundraising ideas

Did you drink a soda? You’re sitting on the elementary principle of fundraising. If you take your empty can back to the store, you just might be holding proceeds of five cents, in some places. Double your profits by returning a beer bottle instead! You can also help the environment while raising funds by staging a neighborhood cleanup and recycling any refund applicable items that you collect.

Yard Sale

Another creative fundraising ideas is Yard Sale. There’s an old saying that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” and since treasure has value, a yard or moving sale is an opportunity to take advantage of. The untapped gold mine of your own household items might be a fortune waiting to be cashed in on. Take the time to use and identify the resources around you! Spring is around the corner and what better way to clean house than turn clutter to coin!

Services- Fundraising ideas

Products aren’t the only potential cash cow, services have value too! From walking your neighbors dogs’ to neighborhood odd jobs such as raking leaves or washing cars, your skills can generate income from your supporters.


You have talents; put them to use by publishing them. All you need is a body of work that you find worth selling, and the people to sell it to. Whether it’s a cartoon drawing, a novel, a recipe collection or specialized information to distribute, it’s at your disposal to use. If you don’t have your own word processor utilize your local library’s computer and while you are there check out what other fundraising resources they may have. If you are stuck on how to approach potential supporters with your product you can always couple this idea with the yard sale fundraiser and set up a table specifically for your self-published work.

Fundraising has been a prosperous and practical thing for ambitious and motivated people for centuries. Just ask the little guy at his lemonade stand!

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