Customized TShirt Fundraiser

Customized TShirt Fundraiser

Show your spirit while raising money with your group’s very own customized teams tshirt fundraiser. Perfect for school spirit, sports teams, and team fundraising events such as Relay for Life or Run for the Cure. has partnered with team sales leader Sport Decals to provide a complete tshirt fundraising solution.

How It Works

1. Design Your Shirt – You can get your own logo and team slogan, or pick from existing options for pictures and lettering.

2. Get Your Preview – Your fundraising rep will send you the preview of how your group’s shirt will look!

3. Get Your Order Forms – Once your design is ready, you will get free order forms for everyone in your group.

4. Tally It Up and Send It In – When all your members have their orders, tally it up and send it in! Your shirts will be shipped straight out and arrive within about 2 weeks (10 business days).

Who Is It For?

This fundraiser works well for almost any group that has support in the community. There is a minimum order of 72 shirts so the group shouldn’t be too small. If you already know how many shirts your group needs, orders can also be made upfront without order forms.

How to Get Started

To get a no-risk preview of how your group’s shirt can look, call eFundraising toll-free at 1-866-891-0053.

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