Easter Fundraisers

Easter Fundraisers

Our top picks for Easter fundraisers that will get your next fundraiser hoppin’!

Candy & Chocolate

Many people like to give chocolates and sweets to their family, friends, neighbors and coworkers around the Easter season.

You can sell Easter chocolate and candies at your school, church, office, or any other venue as your Easter fundraisers.

Some of the more popular choices for chocolate and candy fundraisers for Easter are:

Easter Fundraising Lollipops

Chocolate Easter Bunny

Call the eFundraising Toll Free Customer Service Line at 1-866-891-0053 for more information on the Chocolate Easter Bunny Fundraisers and other Easter candy fundraisers.

Easter Egg Hunt

This is a really fun activity for kids.  Set up a hunt for chocolate, candy or toy Easter eggs at a safe location in your community.

Raise funds by selling Easter baskets for children to fill up as they hunt.

Be sure the location you choose is easy to supervise.  An indoor venue is best.

Easter Basket Raffle or Silent Auction

Prepare several Easter baskets with different themes.  Here are some suggestions:

– Gourmet Delights
– Fun in the Sun
– Tea for Two
– Fruit Fantasia
– Grandma’s Goodies
– Road Trip Favorites

Fill the baskets with treats, baked goods, small toys, accessories or gadgets, snacks, drinks and other items that go with the theme.  And of course, dress your baskets up with Easter decorations.

Either sell raffle tickets for the baskets, or hold a silent auction to raise funds.

Bake Sale

Bakes sales are always a hit around any holiday season because they give people the opportunity to purchase home baked treats to enjoy with friends and family.  Many people simply don’t have the time to bake these treats on their own and will flock to your bake sale!

Have your volunteer bakers bake Easter themed treats like bunny shaped cookies and carrot cake (the Easter Bunny’s favorite!).

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