4 Easy DIY Fundraising Ideas

4 Easy DIY Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising ideas can come in all shapes and forms including the DIY variety. These DIY fundraisers that we’re about to tell you about are easy to set up and don’t cost too much money or require a lot of equipment. If you’re looking to set up a fundraiser all by yourself, we’ve got you covered with these four awesome ideas.

Curiosity Costs

This DIY fundraising idea is so simple you won’t believe that you didn’t think of it yourself. Find a bar or restaurant that will let you use it for a day or two, and put up signs above the TVs and tables that say “Y.C.J.C.Y.1.D.”. Eventually people will come around asking what the signs mean, and you’ll tell them that if they want to know it will cost a dollar. Once they pay, just hand them a slip of paper that says “your curiosity just cost you one dollar.” They might feel a little silly, but this is a deceptively clever way to raise money.

Weight Loss Challenge

Here’s another easy fundraising idea. Have people weigh in on the first day and give them a set amount of time to loss a predetermined number of pounds. On the final day you do another weigh in and the participants have to pay a certain amount for every pound they lost. Alternatively, you can have them look for sponsors willing to donate money to support them in their weight loss goal. The only thing you need for this is a scale to weigh your participants!

Text Donations Campaign

You’ve probably received random text messages on your smart phone before asking for donations. Well, why not do the same with a text message donations campaign?  Setting up an SMS donations drive is pretty easy and can be done for minimal cost.

Pumpkin Chucking

This is a great DIY fundraising idea for the Fall season. You’ll need to either build or rent a catapult from somewhere, but the general idea is you have people pay a fee to load their pumpkins into the device and launch them through the air. You’ll need to stage this event at a large outdoor area like a park because you’ll need a lot of space for the pumpkins to land. The same thing could be done with watermelons in the summer! This fundraising idea that is sure to be a good time for everyone.

Have you ever done a DIY fundraiser before? What did you do and how did you organize it? Tell us about it in the comments!

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