Easy Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Easy Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Fundraising for schools can often be challenging.  You need to raise funds, but you also want the students to have fun and enjoy the experience.  Here’s a fun and Easy fundraising Ideas for schools that can do both!

Remember those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books from when you were a kid?  Remember how much fun it was to be invited to make your own choices?  We thought that was great inspiration for school fundraising, and have come up with the “Choose Your Own Fundraiser” – a fun and kooky idea for a school fundraiser!

How it Works – Easy Fundraising Ideas

Organize a day of fundraising when your school will hold a variety of fundraising events on school grounds or around town.  Here are some fun and easy events to organize:

– Car Wash
– Candy / Snack Sale (sell snacks like candy bars, lollipops, fruit juices, beef snacks, and other easy to store and sell items)
– Dance-A-Thon, Rock-A-Thon (kids take pledges to rock all day in rocking chairs), Skip-A-Thon, Bike-A-Thon or other fun “Thon” event
– Yard Sale or Used Book Sale
– Carnival Games like ring toss, balloon darts or a water gun target game
– Athletic Workshops hosted by your school’s basketball team, cheer squad, volleyball team, or other athletic organization

The key will be choosing easy, low cost events.  A good idea is to assign one person to each event.  That person (with help from volunteers or older students) will be responsible for ensuring that supplies are purchased, and everything runs smoothly on event day.

About 2 weeks before the fundraiser date, have students choose the event they want to take part in.  Set a maximum number of participants for each event to avoid having too many students at one event, and not enough at another.

Advertise your school fundraising event day throughout the community, send letters home to parents, send emails, and do everything you can to ensure a big turnout for your school’s big day.

Why it Will Work

One of the biggest fundraising issues facing schools is getting students excited about participating.  By letting them choose how they participate, and making the fundraiser a fun and exciting event, they’ll be more motivated to participate.

Also, if the students are involved in running an event, they’ll be more likely to invite Grandma and Grandpa, aunts and uncles, neighbors, family friends and anyone else they know to attend the event and see them in action!

This is also a great way for schools to get community support by inviting the community to see how excited the students are about school and learning, and to alert the community to the needs of the school.

Finally, it’s a fundraiser that everyone – teachers, parents and students – will love.  Both teachers and parents have a hard time with unmotivated students, and it goes without saying that if a student isn’t motivated, they probably aren’t having much fun either.  Give them fun choices, and let them make their own decisions, and everyone will be happy!

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