Fun with Food Fundraisers!

Fun with Food Fundraisers!

Raising funds with food is a great way to reach your fundraising goals, and there are lots of fun ideas that can make your food fundraiser better than ever!

Food fundraisers like candy and cookie dough sales can be lots of fun, especially when you mix it up with fun themes, tie it in with the holidays, or let your group get creative!

Here are some great ideas for having fun with food fundraising:

Holiday Fun

Holiday themed snacks for fundraising are easy to find, like these lollipops in scrumptious flavors and holiday shapes.  They make great holiday treats, stocking stuffers, or gifts between friends and family.

With only a little expense and a bit of time, you can make yours extra special by having your group members decorate the pops with holiday ribbons and stickers.

Brighten Up the Dreary Months

By the time February and March roll around, or even in the fall as summer is dying down, or right in the middle of a chilly winter, wouldn’t it be nice to brighten everyone’s mood with juicy, delicious, sun ripened oranges and grapefruits?

A citrus fruit fundraiser is a fun way to bring back the sunshine!  Give yours a tropical twist by having your group members dress up in Hawaiian style shirts, and bright colored sunglasses!  Who can resist a little sun on a dreary day?

Get Crafty – Food Fundraisers

Cookie dough, cookie dough, cookie dough… a fantastic fundraiser with high profit potential, but you have even more fun, and boost your sales with a crafty, cookie dough “sample sale”!

Buy some cookie dough in advance and bake up your scrumptious delights with your group members.  Then let your group show off their culinary creativity by decorating the cookies with frosting, sprinkles and small candies!  This is an especially fun activity with kids.

Next, set up your cookie dough sale, and sell your crafty cookies as “samples”.  Sell cookies for just $0.50 or $1.00 each, depending on the size.  Just one bite of your delectable creations and they’ll be lining up to order their own!

Give Them Something Different – Food Fundraisers

Beef jerky?  Oh yes!  Beef snacks and jerky are not common fundraising snacks, but that’s what makes them so great!  You’ll surprise people with something a little different, and sell out fast!

A fun idea is to host a wild west-inspired event like a barn dance (who’s up for line dancing?!), or a hay ride.  Sell snacks and other refreshments at your event to raise extra profits.  The perfect “cowboy treats”?  Jack Link’s Beef Snacks!

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