4 Fundraisers for Fall Sports

4 Fundraisers for Fall Sports

Our top 4 picks for fall sports fundraisers.

Fundraisers for fall sports often means competing with a variety of other fundraising groups like schools and Boy/Girl Scouts.  The key is to choose fundraisers that will stand out, but at the same time have a tradition of success that will ensure you reach your goals.

Here are our top 4 for you:

Nestle Chocolate

A candy bar fundraiser is almost always a sure thing.  But you want yours to stand out.  That’s why we recommend Nestle Chocolate.  The brands are recognize, loved, classics, making them truly irresistible from other chocolate fundraising products.

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Car Washes

Before the weather cools off, get a final car wash in.  Not many groups run car washes in the fall, so you’ll definitely stand out, and working together is a great team building exercise.  It can get chilly, so recommend team members dress warmly.  A great tip is thin cotton gloves under rubber dish gloves to keep hands warm and dry.

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Magazines Online

Going online can really make your magazine sale stand out.  It also makes the fundraiser more efficient for you.  Rather than gathering your team, handing out order forms, taking orders and collecting cash, all you do is register online and email the info to your team.  They then email friends and family to shop for magazines.

Learn more about Magazines Online


Raffles are easy and fun on game day.  Get prizes donated by local businesses.  Even small prizes can generate hype.  You’d be surprised how many people will pay a dollar or two for a chance to win a free pizza coupon, or department store gift basket!  Sell tickets at the door, through the stands, or at a ticket counter.

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