12 Reasons to Host Events

12 Reasons to Host Events

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Table set for fundraising eventFundraising-Newsletters.com gives us 12 reasons why events are a valuable asset to your organization.

So how can your group or organization benefit from events?  In this article from Fundraising-Newsletters guest contributor, Gregory Burrus, we learn that from visibility, to attracting members, to finding donors, to raising funds, the advantages of hosting events are incredible!donation fundraising event

Our favorite tip from Fundraising-Newsletters.com:

Collect donations at every event simply by having a donation jar on display.  Also include a note on or near the jar telling people what the donations are for.

If your event goers are big donors, a good idea is to have a stack of envelopes and a few pens next to the jar.  If people don’t want to put loose cash in the jar, they can seal it in an envelope and even write their name or a special message on the envelope.

Check out the full article for all 12 reasons to host events.

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