Fundraising for Animal Shelters

Fundraising for Animal Shelters

Fundraising for an animal shelters or animal rescue group?  Get helpful information, resources and ideas for fundraising that can help you raise funds and awareness for your special cause.

Every day we hear stories about animals that are abandoned and mistreated.  Especially at this time of the year when many people are moving.  Literally thousands of animals are left behind because their owners are not able to take them to their new homes.  What can we do to help?  We can help raise funds for our local animal shelter to help out with these neglected bundles of love.

Whether you want to help out your local animal shelter or an animal foundation you are fond of, your first question might be, what types of animal fundraisers exist?

Believe it or not, there are quite a few. Many animal shelters are starting to use online fundraising.  One way to raise money online is by setting up an online magazine fundraising store for your organization.  It’s a simple way to raise funds around the clock.  One organization using this type of fundraiser is Guardians for Animals.  Their President & Founder, A. Whitney, lets people know how their support can help on their online fundraising page:

“What difference can one magazine purchase make?  It can feed a homeless animal for 7 to ten days!  Three magazines can help cover spay/neuter costs!”

If you don’t have time to work on a fundraiser but your heart is reaching out, you can make a donation or purchase something online to support many animal organizations.

The Humane Society also has an online magazine fundraising store as well as many other items you can purchase to help.

If donations work better for you, there is the Animal Shelter Scratchcard fundraiser.  Just one look at the animals on this Scratchcard, and your heart melts and your wallet opens!  All your supporters do is scratch off an amount and, depending on the amount scratched, they give a donation between $0 and $2.50.

You can get more animal fundraising ideas at, and one of our favorites, – a great site devoted to ideas for animal groups raise money to help our furry friends.

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