10 Fundraising Ideas for Cheer Squads

10 Fundraising Ideas for Cheer Squads

Whether you’re a cheer squad leading coach or cheer parent, chances are, you’re always looking for different ways to raise more funds.

Here are 10 cheer fundraising ideas to get you going:

Spirit Calendar

A spirit favorite! Showcase pictures from practices, group activities and championships. Or include pictures from all of your school teams and clubs, for a real school spirit publication! Include all your game schedules and your school’s special events and important dates. Everyone will want a copy! Sell your calendar at school events, concession stands, and at participating local businesses. They can even be sold online through your own team web page when you work with a company like Yearbox!
Extra Profit Tip: Boost your profits by inviting local businesses to advertise in your calendar.

Cheer Clinic: Offer cheer squad training clinics at nearby elementary schools. Set a fixed price for each child and teach aspiring cheerleaders some cheer basics. Involve the whole squad to make it a fun team activity, and inspire some future members of your squad!

Cookie Dough

An absolute favorite, offering good value and profit margins. Everyone loves having frozen cookie dough on hand to bake for all occasions! With multigrain and transfat-free cookie dough, you can even offer healthier options than many of the cookies you can buy in stores. Cookie dough is so popular that even a small group can raise a lot of money with it – we know of one cheer squad that sold over $30,000 worth!

Holiday Flowers-Cheer Squads

Contact your local florist and ask for a special deal to sell flowers in your school on Valentine’s Day. Take orders in advance and deliver flowers on the special day!

Theme Portraits

We all like to have memorable pictures taken. First, get a friend that has a camera or get a professional photographer that is willing to help your cause. After, organize a theme photography event(glamour, antique, etc) and invite as many people as you can. Take a lot of pictures. Proceed to print and sell the pictures to make  profits for your fundraiser!

Cheer Squads -Bowling Party-  

Everyone has fun bowling. Work out a deal with a local bowling alley to keep the entrance fee, or at least a good portion of it. Invite students, friends and family. To ensure a successful fundraiser, collect the entrance fee in advance. The best part about this fundraising event is that you don’t have to set up or clean up!

All Star Pops-Cheer Squads

Sell Lollipops at your school events. At only 50 cents a pop everyone will want one – maybe even two! Sell them at every event, and your fans will keep coming back for more!

Wishing Well

Get your local mall or restaurant to donate all the change thrown in their wishing well fountain over a specified period (e.g. one month). Ask if you can display a sign explaining what the money is for to encourage people to give even more!

Cheer Squads-Grocery Bagging-

Get your squad together on the weekend and bag groceries at a local store. Since shoppers need to open their wallets to pay for their food, it’s easy for them to drop in a few extra coins at the same time.


So easy to sell because they are cheap and create a bond among everyone wearing them! Have them printed with your squad or school name, or print a special message to create awareness if you are raising money for a cause such as cancer.

These 10 cheer fundraising ideas should keep your fundraising squad busy for a while! Do you have any other ideas you’d like to share?

Happy Cheer Fundraising 🙂

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