4 Fundraising Ideas for Football

4 Fundraising Ideas for Football

Fundraising ideas for Football is all about commitment and dedication, and your team shouldn’t be spending all of its time on fundraising campaigns.  Here are 4 quick and easy football fundraisers that can help you raise more in less time.

When fundraising for football, you usually have the advantage of a large team of highly motivated players to work with.  The downside, when it comes to fundraising, is that football takes a big commitment, and lots of time.  What you need are fundraising ideas that raise a lot of funds in a short amount of time.

Here are our best ideas for easy football fundraising:

Concession Stands

Concession stands are a great way to raise funds at games.  Set up your stand with cold drinks and snacks like candy bars, chips, beef snacks, lollipops (you can even get football themed lollipops!), and other easy to sell, convenient snacks.

Have volunteers, team alumni, your booster club, or parents of team members operate the stand.  A great idea is to team-up with another team in your school or community.  For example, team up with your school volleyball team!  They sell at your games, you sell at theirs, and then split the profits.

The Online Magazine Fundraiser

How many people across the US do each of your team members know?  Imagine if they could quickly and easily send them each an email, asking them to visit an online magazine store and save on their favorite subscriptions… They can!

eFundraising is an online magazine fundraiser that gives you a free, customizable website and magazine store.  You use the simple email feature to notify your team of the fundraiser, and how it works.  They can then send emails to everyone they know, asking them to visit the store.  Your store will feature over 650 of America’s favorite magazine titles including Sports Illustrated and ESPN, and you’ll get 40% profit on every sale.

It only takes a few minutes to get started, and your team can easily participate on their own time.  The best part is that it’s absolutely free.  Go to for more information, or to get started.

Car Wash

You’re probably thinking, “Everyone does car washes!”  True, but think about it – a car wash is easy to organize, it’s a service people actually want, and you can raise a lot of funds in just one day or weekend.  Learn more about car wash fundraisers >>

Registration Day Fundraising

A registration day fundraiser is a great way to get your fundraising done in just one day.  It’s especially popular with large leagues, but can be very beneficial to individual football teams as well.

The concept is simple.  Determine a fundraising fee by taking your total fundraising goal and dividing it by the estimated number of players registering.  Then add the cost of a fundraising product like a Scratchcard (there are special football fundraising cards available), case of candy bars, or a gift card.

On registration day, players pay the fee and receive their fundraising product.  They can then fundraise on their own time to earn their money back, or choose to simply pay the fee and not fundraise.  Learn more about registration day fundraising

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