Fundraising Ideas for  the Month of March

Fundraising Ideas for the Month of March

If you’re going to be fundraising in March but need some fresh ideas, you could consider throwing a fundraiser based on one of the many specially-themed days of the month. There’s no shortage of quirky, cool, and fun days to take advantage of in your fundraising efforts, so here are a handful fundraising ideas for March.

Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month, so what better way to promote and celebrate the enduring strength of women by organizing a women’s history fundraiser? You could have a books sale with books about women’s issues and feminism, show a documentary on an important female historical figure, or offer a lecture on women’s history.

Credit Education Month

March is also Credit Education Month in the US, and this theme also lends itself to many fundraising ideas. Organize a financial literacy seminar and charge a small admission fee. In the seminar you could talk about things like how to manage a budget, how to use credit cards, how to check your credit score, and how to save for retirement. You could also tell your guests about what tools they can use to help with personal finance management, and where to find them.

Crafts Month

March is also Crafts Month, and it should be immediately obvious how to turn this one into a fundraiser! Simply hold a crafts sale at a local market or a church and sell, sell, sell. This can be a fun option if anyone on your fundraising team is creative and has a knack for working with their hands. Try to focus on low cost items that everyone needs in the house like picture frames, candle holders, and artwork.

World Book Day

March 2 is World Book Day, and you can easily turn this into a fundraising occasion by organizing a used book drive. Pool together as many old books as you can and sell them for a few bucks each. Lots of people have old books collecting dust, so it should be easy to get them. Then all you need is to find a venue to sell them, and get the word out about your book drive fundraiser. This can also serve as an opportunity to promote literacy in your local community.

World Poetry Day

March 21 is World Poetry Day, and there are a couple ways that you can turn this into a fundraiser. The first way is by organizing a book sale like we described for World Book Day, only with this one you would focus specifically on poetry books. Another idea is to stage a poetry night at a local cafe or bookstore. Charge a small admission fee, and maybe also sell drinks to raise a little more cash.

These are just five fundraising ideas for the month of March, but you can find more ideas by month online. Maybe there’s another month that interest you as a fundraising occasion. The possibilities are endless.

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