Fundraising Ideas for Small Groups

Fundraising Ideas for Small Groups

Small groups and individuals participating in charity events like marathons often find fundraising a challenge.  Here are some great fundraiser ideas that will make raising money for your small groups fun and easy.

Is everyone excited for summer?  It’s almost here, and that means fun in the sun, lazy days at the beach, summer carnivals, and no more coats and boots!  For those of you in the sunny south, a boot is a heavily insulated item of footwear that plays a critical role in preventing frostbite during the chilly winter months ; )

Summer days also mean lots of fundraising!  Some of the biggest summer fundraising events are “thons”, like marathons and walkathons, to support charitable causes like Relay for Life in support of cancer research.  Often, you fundraise on your own, or in very small groups for these types of events, so to get everyone prepared for a fabulous summer season of fundraising, here are our best Fundraising Ideas for Small Groups.

1. Be a walking advertisement in the work place.

At the office, wear a t-shirt, make buttons, or even tape a sign to your shirt saying something like, “Sponsor me in the Wakefield Marathon!”  Keep a collection jar on your desk for coworkers to drop in their change, and send a company-wide email or memo.  Just make sure it’s ok with your employer beforehand.

2. Have a yard sale.

A good old-fashioned yard sale is a great fundraising idea!  Gather things around the house that you no longer need, but are still in good condition, and ask friends, family and neighbors to donate items to sell.  Put up posters around town and on major streets where people will see them.  Clearly mark the address in large, easy to read lettering, and emphasize that it’s a “Yard Sale for Charity”.

3. Go online.

There are many online fundraising programs that are easy for one person to manage, and are available at no cost.  If you’re fundraising on your own, or with just a small group of people, nothing beats an online fundraiser when it comes to reach and efficiency.  You could just send emails to everyone you know asking for support, but the great thing about an actual program is that people can donate, or make a charitable purchase directly online.

4. Host a dinner party.

Large non-profit organizations often host dinner parties as fundraisers, and they are usually very successful, with everyone having a great time supporting a good cause.  You can do the same thing on a smaller scale by hosting a dinner party in your home and selling tickets for a small price to friends and family.  The event is really about the donation, of course, but everyone will have lots of fun at your ‘fundraising gala’!  Dinner can be something simple and inexpensive like spaghetti, or you could even host the event as a potluck!

Spaghetti dinners are also great fundraisers for large groups.  Read more in this recent article:

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The most important thing when fundraising on your own or with a small group is to have fun, and seek out support when you need it.  Friends, family and coworkers may not always be able to support you financially, but would be more than willing to help you come up with fun fundraising ideas, and then put those ideas into action.  Use your resources, use your creativity, and have a good time doing good things : )

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