Fundraising Ideas for Veterans

Fundraising Ideas for Veterans

November 11 is Veterans Day. It’s when we pay respect to the veterans who gave so much to protect our country and the things we stand for. It’s also an important occasion because we need to remember our history and try to prevent repeating the mistakes of the past.
It’s another occasion where you can launch a new fundraising campaign. Here are four Fundraising Ideas for veterans.

Patriotic Merchandise

Remembering our veterans and what they went through can inspire patriotism in just about anyone. Why not let people wear the love they feel for their country, and the admiration they have for their veterans, with patriotic merchandise? American flag tumblers are one product you can sell leading up to November 11 that can fit the bill. You can also get customized tumblers with your own design, so you can create something to promote our veterans and their dedication to our country. Customized caps, shirts, and sweaters, are also a good choice.

Military Books- Fundraising Ideas for Veterans

Books can be a hit with people who have a military background, and with people who just have an interest in military history. Veterans Day can be a great opportunity to sell books on war history, but be sure to tell your supporters that all the sales are going towards the cause.

War Movie Night- Fundraising Ideas for Veterans

There’s no shortage of war movies to choose from, and a lot of them are famous Academy Award winners. Have a war movie screening night, and charge a small cover fee. You can also have a concession stand selling popcorn and drinks for a little extra revenue. Be sure to choose a popular film that honors and respects the memory of the veterans who served in past wars, not one with a heavy political message.

War History Tours- Fundraising Ideas for Veterans

If your city has a lot of war memorials and museums, you could offer to take people on historical tours. This is an especially great idea if your city has historical sites with military significance, like maybe an old fort or an armoury. History buffs love these sorts of things, and Veterans Day is the perfect occasion to do this as a fundraiser.

War is terrible, but it’s important that we remember and pay our respects where due. On Veterans Day, give homage to the ones who lost their lives and give people a way to show their respect as well with one of these fundraisers.

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