Fundraising Inspiration is Everywhere!

Fundraising Inspiration is Everywhere!

All it takes is a little fundraising inspiration to have fun and memorable fundraisers.  We found inspiration in a pretty unlikely place.  How about you?

Did you know that today, September 19th, is International Talk Like a Pirate Day?  Arrrr!  It be true, Matey!  Naturally, as we’re constantly plundering the high seas and pillaging villages for fun and unique fundraising ideas, this was great inspiration!

Shiver me timbers and raise me some booty!  Arrr!

Let’s face facts – throw on a crazy costume, and you’re almost guaranteed to get some attention!  So why not a pirate costume?  You and your group or team members can easily make pirate costumes out of old clothes and thrift store finds.  Pick up a few eye patches and bandanas at a local dollar store, and you’re all set!

Arrr!  But where’s the loot?

Any fundraising event can be spiced up with a pirate theme!

– Host a Swashbucklers Pirate Bash complete with pirate décor and a dessert island rest area / refreshment stand instead of a standard high school or community dance.

– Have a “Treasure Island” yard sale where people are invited to barter for treasures and loot.

– Fill a treasure chest with candies and goodies.  Dress in your finest pirate garb and barter with customers for the best deal on your treasures.

Quick Tip:  Get fundraising candies and snacks here, and pay nothing for shipping!  Arrrr!  That be a steal!

And of course, with Halloween coming up, and Halloween fundraising event can be turned into a pirate-themed costume party.  Don’t forget to practice your pirate-speak, and most of all have fun, Matey!

Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

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