Fundraising Letters- Sample Thank You Letter

Fundraising Letters- Sample Thank You Letter

In this part of our series on sample fundraising letters, we’ll look at sample thank you letter that not only help you show gratitude to your donors, volunteers and participants, but will also help build ongoing relationships.

Taking this approach to thank you letters will help ensure continued support for your organization as it grows and develops over the years.  In this sense, thank you letters are more than just a courtesy, they are a fundamental building block for your organization.

First, here are some key points to remember:

–  Try to make it as personal as possible.

–  Refer to specific events and contributions made by your participant, volunteer or supporter.

–  Keep in mind that their support plays a big part in the continuation of your organization’s work, and acknowledge this in your letter.

Sample Thank You Letter 1 – Thanking your donors

Mountainview Animal Rescue Center
123 Mountain Drive, Suite 300
Mountview, PA 55555

Dec. 20th, 2007

Mr. Ed Randall
99 Sycamore Street
Mountainview, PA 55555

Dear Ed Randall,

Thank you so much for your sincere generosity in donating $1,500 to the Mountainview Animal Rescue Center.

Your generous donation will help cover veterinary fees to prepare our animals for adoption.  Thanks to you, many of them will be welcomed into their new homes in the coming months.

On behalf of the center, and on behalf of the animals who will soon be at home with their loving families because of you, I thank you.


Beth Johnson
Director, Mountainview Animal Rescue Center

Sample Thank You Letter 2 – Thanking your volunteers

Eleanor Jones
Mayfield Fundraising Center
333 Field Avenue
Mayfield, PA 55555

Dec. 20th, 2007

Barb Matthews
29 Elm Street
Mayfield, PA 55555

Dear Barb,

Many thanks for your time, support and inspiring attitude at last Saturday’s Walk for the Cure event.

Your dedication and sunny personality made all the difference for our volunteer team, participants and supporters.  We received many compliments and expressions of gratitude on your behalf.  One participant noted, “Barb’s smile makes me remember what it’s all about.”

I think it’s safe to say that your presence had a generous impact on the success of the event.  Our sincerest thanks to you!



Eleanor Jones
Mayfield Fundraising Chairperson

Sample Thank You Letter 3 – Thanking your participants

Lakeside Library
1 Main Street
Mayfield, PA 55555

Dec. 20th, 2007

The Parker Family
123 Avenue Rd
Mayfield, PA 55555

Dear Parker Family,

I would like to extend our sincerest thanks for your participation in the Lakeside Library’s Book Drive for Literacy.

With your participation, we were able to surpass our goal of 500 and collect nearly 600 used books from the community.  These books will be divided up by reading level and distributed amongst the schools, community centers, children’s clubs and adult education centers throughout Lakeside and the surrounding area.  This will go a long way towards promoting literacy and making reading materials more easily accessible in our community.

Your family’s participation in the drive was instrumental in surpassing our goal.  It is my pleasure and honor to thank you for your generous efforts.


Mark O’Neil
Director, Lakeside Library

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